WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge Depth

.. Depth Word of the week ..

WordPress weekly photo challenge

cweed_an__by_b_weed a day of hunting with no visibility

I didn’t have to dig deep but had to go way back to like 1968 in da first pic here 🙂 a day of hunting with practically no visibility an deeper ya went well darker it got lol..mom took dis pic…

cweed_an_mneil 001

Not always measurable
Depth can also be superficial just like superficiality can accommodate profundity.
“Dictionaries stop where the heart starts”
*David Foenkinos – french author and screenwriter*

………then frum da’ depths of da unknown well…….werkin on da’ next blog here to explain where this photo comes frum 🙂




…. have a splendid one everyone ….

……. over an out frum da Q …….

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^^^^ new 2015 gif photo by cardinal guzman ^^^^


Whether visually or emotionally, this week let’s dig (or dive) deep.

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