WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge Symmetry

Symmetry is da werd of da’ week for the daily post


..an togetherness in like an kind quality {LKQ}


is what i’d consider a bita symmetry





4_old_ww2_guys_by_quarksireSymmetry (noun): the quality of something that has two sides or halves that are the same or very close in size, shape, and position; the quality of having symmetrical parts

For this challenge, share symmetry. Don’t limit yourself to architecture — you can bend this theme in any way you’d like.

Werd of da' week is Symmetry

Werd of da’ week is Symmetry

A portrait of your twins? A window grille? The yellow lines of a busy road? A row of sharp points along a metal fence? Let the world inspire you.

Your interpretation of this theme might be quite different from mine, as symmetry doesn’t necessarily equate to peace and calm.

so dis’ & dat’ waz

Symmetry by Quarksire

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