Mirror Mirror

Thinkin More Bout ETERNITY! an funny faces!

Whence an where

lol…an who made who…

an then! jest to bring a bita humor into ur day!



…well above an beyond all things is the seriousness of not being serious sumtimes,,,seriously now! but? isn’t it really jest how ya perceive an lewk at things now?


i mean whats it gonna be ? i ask my friends an associates,,,well hopefully 5 years ahead will be productive, am “god’s ” mission lol whatevr that is will be accomplished…well at least for me that is anyhow,,,,we shall see where it all comes into play ie…fate verses destiny verses many other thousands of scenarios that could possibly exist!


so be it take it one day at a time an remember when! lol…. an seek to do it again,,,be young at heart an do it again whatevr it is u liked to do that makes ya feel like a kid again,


is the most healing thing i can think of today…keep on keepin on an take it one day @ a time follow ur dream even if it gets washed up a bit;


so ryde safe fly safe drive safe be safe an enjoin all ya do 2 day! lifes not over yet – jest change the plans a bit !!! an ride a different direction an choose a different choice for tomorrow to be a better tomorrow for a memory u can then call yesterdays past in ur future! in da dayz of future passed!…no that wasn’t a buncha gas..but well has been one really even the bad things taught me a thing er 2 id have to say! … πŸ™‚

changing perception makes all da difference in da werld!

changing perception makes all da difference in da werld!

Β Happy Thoughts ur way 2 day!

frum da’ Q


8 thoughts on “Mirror Mirror

  1. Sweet. πŸ˜€
    Hope you feel better soon. Soon. Lets not be putting time limits on things. Those are self-fulfilling prophesies. Docs make that mistake too often.

    BTW are you the Instructor or the photographer or both?

    Also, being a Harpy is kinda fun πŸ™‚ I have Harpy wings.

    • i the pilot an photographer, much of the time a student of the wind lol; an well, not a certified instructor, because of the new sport pilot rules, now years ago there were no regulations what so ever for guys like me an we could show anyone we a wanted how to fly these things, now the faa is involved, so when there are 2 of us aboard i am the student now πŸ™‚ but that is rare, my instructor moved to utah so i am a loner at present πŸ™‚ yehaaa…tankz fer poppin by miss spirit of da bear! hasta! Q …..hey did’ u see dis one πŸ™‚ > http://quarksire.com/2014/06/06/2-old-2-fly-i-think-not-sayz-quarksire/

      • I’m not so ancient. πŸ™‚ Well, sometimes I am older than other times. Occasionally I am quite young, other times I am a hundred million years old, usually this aging process takes place very shortly following a moment when I indulge in fun. Rrrrr. My body is unreliable, which makes me unreliable. I feel betrayed by myself. It isn’t really age … it is MS and injuries and … other. Lotsa other, dontcha know. πŸ˜‰

        Thank you for the encouragement.

        ps Why not get certified? Maybe not such a biggie for you.

        pss I flew (piloted) a small airplane, once upon a time, only for a few minutes … but I did fly … ’twas against all the laws (except physics) πŸ˜€

      • very Kewl, can relate to the body failing thing…an well i am a single flyer an so i don’t need to be certified to fly one of my trikes,,, if i evr get back into glider someday if i get the $$$ i will then get my private so i can take friends soaring though. betrayed my my body,yep an evry day er so thing round here , also limits what i can do to, call me a DOP,,, a disabled Ol’e pilot lol πŸ™‚ take care bear πŸ™‚ Q

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