Money 2 Burn?


Yeas frum Lot 420
a Tittalatin Tuesday 2 ya! frum Q

420 Greetings

… MARIJUANA NEWS frum Lot 420 …


..Money 2 burn or invest? well, not I but if i did have lotsa money to invest with my 420 werld i would put it here an there, but well mainly here if i had a lot of it..I been attempting to get a few specific individuals interested in my company to no avail, so i guess i’ll have to start like the little guy, an spread my wings slowly! do it one dollar one day one step at a time Its a non profit anyhow so money is for others eventually anyhow! So … 🙂 read up an check this out!. An if’n ur like me maybe this is a good place to start investigating.could be ur childs retirement! ya neva know!….

Privateer Holdings Announces First Institutional Investor in Legal Cannabis Industry—Founders Fund

Privateer Holdings, the world’s first private equity…

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3 thoughts on “Money 2 Burn?

  1. I wish you all the best, Q. Let’s you and me hope that government does not get involved in this. This is still all so new. Tread carefully for expect much to change on a dime. (((HUGS))) Amy

    • ThanQ althopugh i believe da someone don’t like what i have to say already! i have had a wall from my internet connection with this ip addie wherever i go an even my server cant fix it yet for weeks imagine that, is why i havent been postin 🙂 adios an thanQ for poppin bye 🙂 Q

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