Spaceship 1 an da’ Global Flyer

Fly Right! w da’

Men in White

Global Flyer & Spaceship one an a few composite canard design videos brought to u today in this playlist for my airborne lovin friends.

globalflyermen in white 🙂

Space Ship one and Rutan videos 🙂

1 of 13 videos The second video concerning spaceship one is pert incredible i’d say, Spiraling into space at 20,000 miles an hour… I am a rutan fan an well love the vari-eze planes so these guys have a spot in me werld 🙂 My father was building his second ex-plane an almost done with it right before he died. come for a bita rutan flying an composite airplanes! 🙂 light airplanes that get real high!.in da middle of da day when da sky goes black! no virgins here! lol

..check it out.same cover pic but different vid.jest click next in the video player.

 Then theres when the day ends …sumtimes well is jest one big rush! hope u enjoyed urs !


an well ATTITUDE ….its whats important yes indeed!

in da same playlist is da Berkut: A bird with an Attitude

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