Formula 1 2015 Round 03 China Final Race

F1 2015 Round 03 Chinese Grand Prix Final Full Race: Full race results for round three of the 2015 Formula 1 World Championship (F1), the Chinese Grand Prix at Shanghai International Circuit


For many many years i have followed 2 sports heavily an watched the shows of excellence whenever i could get a chance during season, I am starting a new catagory wityh this post,, “A Cart an Formula 1 Fan”…This catagory is another fer the gearheads that might want to keep up with some kewl vids i watch since i do not use television link as a direct tv hook up i jest use internet!..Enjoy an take care an have a great sunday!…hamilton on pole an well enjoy da race! Q..


2 thoughts on “Formula 1 2015 Round 03 China Final Race

    • so happy to have my high speed internet back yehhhhhahhhh i can tack an roll in my livin rewm from da drivers seat 🙂 tanks fer the comment i am ferrari fan also 🙂 Q

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