IndyCar 2015 – Long Beach Grand Prix Full Race

a pic from many seasons back @ long beach grand prix by quarksire

a pic from many seasons back @ long beach grand prix by quarksire

Fer many years i went to the Toyota grand prix of long beach, since i werked for the first toyota dealer in the usa an had commitee of 300 tickets every year, since it was formula one, now is a cart race there every year the same track is a kewl track a couple of laps round an ya are addicted to this place. They close the streets of long beach for 2 weeks for this event is a great place to hang out with a lotta events an carshows etc etc..aan now the all nw formula E racing , frum carting to Cart racing to drifting competions now an lotsa music an concerts is quite an even to attend! is the longest track in the circuit..awesome coverage without a lotta talk, a lotta in car an track action in this race here! could scott dixon pull it off we shall see !

powers – pablo montoya – an pagenaud an scott dixon!.

if nutin else fast forward to the last 10 laps was a great raceday! @ da long beach grand prix 2015

a gewd fight fer a day!This is the crown jewel of open wheel racing in the ol USA! eh 🙂


Enjoy the race if ya click on this link …..amazing in car cam footage here …see if montoya er powers does it ? adreniline on demand fer you this fine day



IndyCar 2015 – Round03 Long Beach – Race [Full + 1080p] [S1HD]

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