Monumental DayZ – Monument Valley / USA

today i was reminded of many a visit on the way an through an over Monument Valley / USA an flying the Ultralights, so fer ur enjoyment i’ve put a few vids here fer ya of my fav’s @ monument valley



an some more of Monument Valley

an Monument Valley with dell. 🙂

Flat Top Ninja Paramotor & S-Trike Rocking Monument Valley!! Powered Paragliding Extreme!!


Then a blast one the way over to some Insane Paramotor Flat Top Ninja flying on an early morn 🙂 Moab Stealth Mission! flying the canyon with Dell 🙂 !!.Some Kewl Powered Paraglider Fun!!instead of walkin down da canyon jest cross ur legs an fly down it 🙂

an if datz not enuff fer yas an ya want to see more monument valley flying check this page out 🙂 have a splendid’ weekend everyone, an thanks to da italian traveler whom brought me to my monumental days here 🙂 hasta frum Q

The Whole World Sits Idle As ‘Nanites’ Infect Their Bodies – List of infected foods

killing machines as small as a blood cell are probably inside ur body right now!

killing machines as small as a blood cell are probably inside ur body right now!


Americans an the whole World!  sit idle as nanites infect thier bodies in Nazi-style government experiment
VIDEO Via Rise Together on You Tube

AT THE BOTTOM OF THE PAGE IS A LIST OF ALL PRODUCTS, PEPSI/NESTLE ETC WHO USE NANITES. Nanites if you go and research are small electrical devices with one job, they can attack the brain, liver, kidney, lungs, whatever part they are programmed to attack. I know many won’t watch the video below but America you eat these Nanites every day. This tells you about what Nanites are As you can see the full name is ‘Nanorobotics’ 


Velow is a list frum

Product Avoid List-page-001 Product Avoid List-page-002 Product Avoid List-page-003 Product Avoid List-page-004 Product Avoid List-page-005 Product Avoid List-page-006 Product Avoid List-page-007 Product Avoid List-page-008 Product Avoid List-page-009 Product Avoid List-page-010 Product Avoid List-page-011 Product Avoid List-page-012 Product Avoid List-page-013 Product Avoid List-page-014 Product Avoid List-page-015 Product Avoid List-page-016 Product Avoid List-page-017 Product Avoid List-page-018 Product Avoid List-page-019 Product Avoid List-page-020 Product Avoid List-page-021 Product Avoid List-page-022 Product Avoid List-page-023 Product Avoid List-page-024 Product Avoid List-page-025 Product Avoid List-page-026 Product Avoid List-page-027 Product Avoid List-page-028 Product Avoid List-page-029 Product Avoid List-page-030 Product Avoid List-page-031 Product Avoid List-page-032 Product Avoid List-page-033 Product Avoid List-page-034 Product Avoid List-page-035 Product Avoid List-page-036 Product Avoid List-page-037 Product Avoid List-page-038 Product Avoid List-page-039 Product Avoid List-page-040 Product Avoid List-page-041 Product Avoid List-page-042 Product Avoid List-page-043 Product Avoid List-page-044 Product Avoid List-page-045 Product Avoid List-page-046 Product Avoid List-page-047 Product Avoid List-page-048 Product Avoid List-page-049 Product Avoid List-page-050 Product Avoid List-page-051 Product Avoid List-page-052 Product Avoid List-page-053 Product Avoid List-page-054 Product Avoid List-page-055 Product Avoid List-page-056 Product Avoid List-page-057 Product Avoid List-page-058 Product Avoid List-page-059 Product Avoid List-page-060 Product Avoid List-page-061 Product Avoid List-page-062 Product Avoid List-page-063 Product Avoid List-page-064 Product Avoid List-page-065 Product Avoid List-page-066 Product Avoid List-page-067 Product Avoid List-page-068 Product Avoid List-page-069 Product Avoid List-page-070 Product Avoid List-page-071 Product Avoid List-page-072 Product Avoid List-page-073 Product Avoid List-page-074 Product Avoid List-page-075 Product Avoid List-page-076 Product Avoid List-page-077 Product Avoid List-page-078 Product Avoid List-page-079 Product Avoid List-page-080 Product Avoid List-page-081 Product Avoid List-page-082 Product Avoid List-page-083 Product Avoid List-page-084 Product Avoid List-page-085 Product Avoid List-page-086 Product Avoid List-page-087 Product Avoid List-page-088 Product Avoid List-page-089


WordPress Weekly Photo On The Way

This time of the Year in The Rocky Mountains

  Da’ Elk are on the way to breeding grounds


…an the safety of the ranches…

click on the pics fer larger versions 🙂


.jest a few shotZ of Elk On the Way!

on the way over town back to the airport

on the way across da ranch to safety da’ herd!

On the way over town on the way back to the airport

On the way over town on the way back to the airport, Pagosa Springs, Colorado. U.S.A.


…….. have a splendid week everyone! ……..

howeva u get on wit ur WAY 2 Day!


These goatZ hang out on cliffs edge on da’ way! !


Weekly Photo Challenge widget by

Weekly Photo Challenge widget by …

… Q …

A Portable Motorcycle

It may be Ugly bit I want One

rissian 2 wheel drive portable motorcycle

russian 2 wheel drive portable motorcycle

Russian made Motorcycle

Packs in the Trunk of your Car

Who doesn’t want a motorcycle that you can ride absolutely everywhere you want to go, that you can carry, that you can disassemble in 15 minutes and pack in your car trunk. I forgot. It floats, too. This Russian motorcycle is extraordinary, does much more than the American made Rokon. It’s called the Tarus, weighting only 110 lbs, equipped with a 2-stroke engine for a maximum speed of 40 mph. What you are going to watch is the prototype before production. But supposedly you can buy the blue prints for the equivalent of $37.00 (not a typo) Do you want one? I do, for example to play in the Black Hills during Sturgis Bike Week.


or da’ ignacio bike rallye check out the Related bike links below 🙂 enjoy 🙂 Q

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Divine Intervention – 4 Humans Only

Thinkin More Bout ETernity etc etc etc well.when dat a happenz, one seems to find out that there is more to life than sittin’ in front of ur computer screen….sumtimez when one reaches out etc etc…an gets into action one feels like they can touch infinity…no matta’ what is going on in his er her life!.

when one feelz as though they touch infinity!

when one feelz as though they can touch infinity! infinitly ferever an after 🙂

I cannot forgive the darkness without being the Light or BE the Light without with out simultaneously being the darkness..a thought that sticks in me mind! 2 day


Overcomin’ duality …..welllll?………..different stages levels etc etc of consciousness leads one to the experience of the absolute an or the supermental.well all teachers have different flavors, what precipitates in ur place in time in duration frum maybe spring till fall…till one hears that infoumaous call :)….well i was always told krishna was {way out there!} as a kid,once though ya go into space an it becomes eternity it is sum-times  indefinable but is a true presence of sacred philosophy. An well? whats the body really mean. one thinks more an more bout this as they age i am sure ,,an they feel the body of time more an more envelopin da soul yes~~~,,yes

“a realization a day keeps da doctor away”

Believe it er not !


an with sowin’ the seeds – we then have spiritual percipitation! / /what condenses in the end in this avatar of the Q …So?…i wunder ,,what path must one go 🙂 er down well, i jest do not know! we shall see what da’ future holds ….frum evolution to death to re-evolution i assume .? maybe so ? u tell me..tell then call me mr. fix-it an mr. dig-em cuz i dig what i do even if it comes down to diggin holeZ! fer da afternoon! have a Splendid one everyone 🙂


aka mikey frum wolf creek!

Dis’ one is fer U!

keep da’ sunny side up!


Divine Intervention – For Humans Only 2.3.4

Enveloped an Broken

Everythings Broken! jeez…..

Broken CAR,

Uphill Battle - A Broken Clutch

Uphill Battle – A Broken Clutch

Broken Bike,

to infinity an beyond another thing to fix!

to infinity an beyond another thing to fix!

Broken bike #2

Broken since 2001 projekt of the day now!

Broken since 2001 projekt of the day now!

& 3

zuki toy need battery! an jetz!

zuki toy need battery! an jetz! next projekt

an 4 lol… then Broken pipes Broken truck an more; yes; even a broken trike needs new rubber seals an a fuel tank


seems like i am enveloped in Broken!  at least i no longer sufer frum a broken Heart Enveloped was last weeks challenge werd an this weeks is Broken…so very apprapo since i gotz lotsa broken things to fix an seems like i am enveloped in the Madness of fixing broken thingz. jest call me mr fix it 🙂 Sumday thingz will be not all broken…till then i shall go back to fixin thingz!

🙂 have a splendid week werld 🙂


enveloped an broken

enveloped an broken in a quarked werld!

till then i gots lots to fix…@ the money comes in one projekt @ a time one day at a time 🙂 …what better thing to do in retirement than werk on fun projekts that are broken..a great satisfaction comes when i get the jobs done. whatevr it might be at any given moment……..

3 Things NDEs Have Taught Us About Life

& Written by Steven Bancarz, The Spirit Science

Near-death-experiences are experiences people have when their physical body is dead.  While their body is dead, their consciousness detaches from their body and has vivid experiences of other worlds.  These worlds are usually heavenly in nature, and all of the people who have NDEs come back completely transformed by what they have experienced.

Some may say these experiences are DMT flooding into the brain, or are just hallucinations.  We know they are not hallucinations because some people are able to accurately report specific details about what the doctors were doing in the room at the time they detached from their body.  And we know this is not DMT, because Dr. Eben Alexander, a Harvard trained brain neurosurgeon of 25 years, had a vivid NDE while the neocortex of his brain was completely disabled.

His NDE remains the most scientifically credible experience of the afterlife that has ever been recorded.  To read more about his experience, click here.  But the point of this post is not to convince you that they have real experiences.  It is to talk about the implications their experiences have on how we relate to our life on earth.

Here are 3 things NDEs have taught us about life:

1) Life is a test

Life is a schoolhouse where your soul develops and evolves.  It is a test of personal growth.  Just like tests in school, you can pass, or you can fail.  To pass is to act out of love, compassion, and understanding.  When you “fail” in life, you will feel dirty inside yourself as if you have done something wrong.  This sense of conscience and moral apprehension is your soul attempting to guide you through this life.  When you fail in school, you get an “F”.  When you fail in life, you learn a new lesson.

As weird as this may sound, an important part of life is making mistakes, because it is only through direct experience that we can be permanently transformed.  Life is not a random accident, and your job is not to pay bills until you die.  Your primary job is to evolve and mature your consciousness, and this is done by embracing all of life’s experiences.

2) God is real

God is not some man or woman in the sky.  God is an all-pervasive, eternal, timeless, formless, loving consciousness.  Every single NDE account I have read or researched contains people reporting they feel an incredible sense of communion of something bigger than themselves.  They feel the presence of the Creator.

Which God? The Source of all creation, being, intelligence, and moral perfection.  Different religions try to interpret the Creator.  Some religions come close, and some not so close.  To understand God in intellectual terms is impossible for our brains, but simply put, God is Love with creative potential.  Dr. Eben Alexander said this about love:

“Love is, without a doubt, the basis of everything. Not some abstract, hard-to-fathom kind of love but the day-to-day kind that everyone knows-the kind of love we feel when we look at our spouse and our children, or even our animals. In its purest and most powerful form, this love is not jealous or selfish, but unconditional. This is the reality of realities, the incomprehensibly glorious truth of truths that lives and breathes at the core of everything that exists or will ever exist, and no remotely accurate understanding of who and what we are can be achieved by anyone who does not know it, and embody it in all of their actions.”

The experience of God comes not from liturgy and dogma, but from personal depth and the expression of love.

3) You are eternal

You don’t die.  Whoever told you that you were born was mistaken.  YOU were never born.  Your body was born, but you existed eternally in the past in one form or another, and you will continue to after your physical body dies.  Everyone who survives a NDE comes back with absolutely no fear of death, because they understand that there is no end to identity.  There is only transition.

Your life here is just a flicker in the eye of eternity, and you will soon wake up from this dream and remember that you were only pretending to be a human being.  ”Human being” is just a mask you soul is wearing right now.

NDEs can teach us a lot about the nature of consciousness and the brain, but they can teach us even more about the nature of life as a whole.  When we include the experiences of others as part of our personal databank of information, we can evolve into high understandings much faster.  Trust that one day, you too will leave this physical world behind.

Embrace your spiritual nature.  You are just a visitor passing through.

Steven Bancarz,

Team Spirit

A Pet Share Photo Werld

On top of it all really I am i am lol 🙂


A note frum Michelle, my friend hope da’ happy hugger in so. africa 🙂 an my sentiments exactly with spring here an all only so many hours in a life an a Day..Finding time to do the weekly thing musta been quite a challenge for the past 86 weeks er so, time to take a breather yes indeed, what a buncha pet pics frum all round da werld i have seen here thanks for all whom respond an read my post-its also 🙂 from da top of da werld here 🙂 Q


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Passionately Bored Lor B

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Weekly Pet Share Patience

Top of da weld to ya frum Q

2 kitties on top of the werld!

2 kitties on top of a Quarked  werld!