WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge Forces of Nature


Forces of Nature are da’ werds of da week! ,,,,@ wordpress daily post!
so frum here an dere daily livin’ in da rockies we get to deal with the forces of nature in pagosa springs an up to an around wolf creek……especially during monsoon season,


~~~ The rewards after every storm are the awesome rainbows ~~~



an the reward for the night photographer are the awesome lightning shotZ i get round here also




Forces of nature also provide for fun for some in our arena


weather permittin’ so frum winter

my frt yard entry this past winter

Heres ur sign my frt yard entry this past winter

till monsoon season

forces of nature evr changin weather here

forces of nature evr changin weather here

an back round to the house of values one has to always recognize the forces of nature an take the best one can get outa it an do the best one can with it i assume 🙂

as long as the lightning strikes don’t make more rocky mtn fires this season!
~~~~ twice weekly or more i go to the great pagosa hot springs for the greatest feeling i can get from the forces of nature …

108 degrees today!

108 degrees this day ! soakin at da tubz


where the water bubbles outa da ground at boiling temp, cooled down fer the use of humankind an to also heat half of downtown businesses an residences…

OK over an out frum da’ great pagosa hot springs frum Quarksire have a splendid week everyone

…….. 🙂 Q 🙂 ……..


10 thoughts on “WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge Forces of Nature

    • have seen like 3 an 4 at times but no camera … there pert kewl whilst they last … now i try to keep camera charged an at hand during monsoon season 🙂 take care jimbo over an out frum da Q 🙂 thanQ fer poppin in to say high! 🙂

  1. My goodness you certainly have an array of natural forces surrounding you. Loved the variety of photos and my favorite was the one with the Rocky Mountain fire (because it is a good shot although I hope that there are no more Rocky Mountain fires for you to photograph).

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