A Pet Share Photo Werld

On top of it all really I am i am lol 🙂


A note frum Michelle, my friend hope da’ happy hugger in so. africa 🙂 an my sentiments exactly with spring here an all only so many hours in a life an a Day..Finding time to do the weekly thing musta been quite a challenge for the past 86 weeks er so, time to take a breather yes indeed, what a buncha pet pics frum all round da werld i have seen here thanks for all whom respond an read my post-its also 🙂 from da top of da werld here 🙂 Q


..Please note that due to there not being enough hours in the day, I will be doing monthly round ups.  Please feel free to continue posting and sharing as many times as you wish; just be sure to pop your links in the “Mister Linky” on my sidebar.  The next round-up will be 31 May 2015. Here they are:

kimberly and sydnee pee Raewyn Forbes Little Binky
Emily becca givens
Passionately Bored Lor B

last week i posted this>

Weekly Pet Share Patience

Top of da weld to ya frum Q

2 kitties on top of the werld!

2 kitties on top of a Quarked  werld!

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