WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge Forces of Nature


Forces of Nature are da’ werds of da week! ,,,,@ wordpress daily post!
so frum here an dere daily livin’ in da rockies we get to deal with the forces of nature in pagosa springs an up to an around wolf creek……especially during monsoon season,


~~~ The rewards after every storm are the awesome rainbows ~~~



an the reward for the night photographer are the awesome lightning shotZ i get round here also




Forces of nature also provide for fun for some in our arena


weather permittin’ so frum winter

my frt yard entry this past winter

Heres ur sign my frt yard entry this past winter

till monsoon season

forces of nature evr changin weather here

forces of nature evr changin weather here

an back round to the house of values one has to always recognize the forces of nature an take the best one can get outa it an do the best one can with it i assume 🙂

as long as the lightning strikes don’t make more rocky mtn fires this season!
~~~~ twice weekly or more i go to the great pagosa hot springs for the greatest feeling i can get from the forces of nature …

108 degrees today!

108 degrees this day ! soakin at da tubz


where the water bubbles outa da ground at boiling temp, cooled down fer the use of humankind an to also heat half of downtown businesses an residences…

OK over an out frum da’ great pagosa hot springs frum Quarksire have a splendid week everyone

…….. 🙂 Q 🙂 ……..


When Up is da only way to go

doffetime on da veranda!

coffetime on da veranda!

an or ur finnaly on top er headed to the top whichever it might be!


In da end welp up is da way i like to go an welp the 2 vids here today show a representation of UP!^ to me


have a splendid day up er down whichever way u go this fine day!

Enjoy da’ Ryde! da best ya can!


all downhill frum here now i suppose when ur finally at the top!

all downhill frum here now i suppose when ur finally at the top of da hill! ****Believeiternot! a matter of perception!

Onboard with David Hauser (Dallara GP2) – Course de côte de St. Ursanne – Les Rangiers 2013

BEST-OF — MICKHAUSEN (D) 2013 — Bergrennen (Berg-Cup) / Hillclimb / Course de Côte

WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge Intricate

 Intricate as the spiders web it is sumtimes if’n ya fly paraglders , an such with wires in da air!

as intricate as it gets is alike a spiders werld!

as intricate as it gets is alike a spiders werld!

Intricate is da’ werd of da week @ wordpress weekly photo challenge i have lotsa intricate things to take photos of but right off i think of the spiders werld …

lewkin-up and then i think of the werld of intricities i have to sort through with all the tangled wires

an intricate mess!

an intricate mess!

{sumtimes for like a half an hour}


to jest be able to safely take off..


What does the word “intricate” mean to you? It could be the deep, fibrous bark on the ancient oak tree in your yard. Maybe it’s the robin’s nest under construction near your window — that ornithological engineering marvel of mud and twigs. It could be the treasured piece of needlepoint your grandmother crafted, or maybe a drawing you made. It could be the leaves falling from trees in the Southern Hemisphere — the wind arranging them just so on your lawn.

I can’t wait to see your interpretations!

once ur intricate fibers of life are sorted!

once ur intricate fibers of life are sorted!

Hopi n 🙂 an Check out weekly photo challenge for more “intricate” shots! …have a great weekend everyone however intricate ya get an however ya fly … gotta fly fer now but will be back round laterz  to check see ur photos also Hasta’ frum da’


SHTF Survival: 10 Survival Tools That Should Be In Your Survival Pack

SHTF Survival: 10 Survival Tools That Should Be In Your Survival Pack”


Let’s be honest, survival is not something you want to gamble your life on. Meeting your basic needs during a disaster is key to survival, and having the right set of tools to fall back on is paramount in your preparedness endeavors.

The ten tools listed below are some of the most important survival tools that should be in your 72-hour bags or survival bags. Of course, other items can be included, but these essentials are a must-have for every survival pack. Practice using these tools regularly so that you know their capability and their strength.

  1. Water Treatment: We simply cannot live without water. The more energy you consume, the more water your body will need. Having a means to purify water in a survival situation will help keep you hydrated, your brain functioning properly and your focus on survival. In addition, if you sustain an injury, water can be poured over the wound for cleaning.
  2. Compass and Map: Knowing which direction you are headed and where you need to be are essential. Keep maps of your surrounding area at home (in case you have to evacuate by foot), in your car and in your survival bags.
  3. Fire Starter, flint bars, matches or lighter: Having a way to produce fire can help you cook food and keep warm and prevent hypothermia.
  4. First Aid Kit: You do not want to be caught in a survival situation without a first aid kit. This kit assists in injury treatment and helps prevent infections from perpetuating.
  5. Mirror: Used for signaling, checking face for wounds, looking at your back for wounds/ticks, and can be used to start fire.
  6. Rope or Paracord: This can be used for making snares or assisting in making other traps lashing branches together to build a shelter, assisting in first aid (splints, tourniquets, slings), or to make survival tools such as spears.
  7. Survival Blanket or Bivvy: A bivvy or survival blanket can be used as an emergency shelter, sleeping bag or can be an extra layer added to your existing sleeping bag if you are expecting a cold night.
  8. Multi-tool: Used for notching or more complex wood working skills, opening cans, altering equipment, medical uses, if snare wire is around wire cutters can cut it.
  9. Lighting: Lanterns, light sticks, flashlights, and head lamps can help you find your way if in the dark. LEDs, solar and hand crank will get you the most for your money.
  10. Survival Knife: Survival knives should be made of good quality steel. Invest in one you can rely on. Make sure it is well made, is strong enough for rough field use, and is the best you can afford.

Bottom line is your preparedness tools are your life line andwithout them, you could be ill-equipped in a survival situation.


The Prepper's Blueprint

Tess Pennington is the author of The Prepper’s Blueprint, a comprehensive guide that uses real-life scenarios to help you prepare for any disaster. Because a crisis rarely stops with a triggering event the aftermath can spiral, having the capacity to cripple our normal ways of life. The well-rounded, multi-layered approach outlined in the Blueprint helps you make sense of a wide array of preparedness concepts through easily digestible action items and supply lists.

Tess is also the author of the highly rated Prepper’s Cookbook, which helps you to create a plan for stocking, organizing and maintaining a proper emergency food supply and includes over 300 recipes for nutritious, delicious, life-saving meals. 

Visit her web site at ReadyNutrition.com for an extensive compilation of free information on preparedness, homesteading, and healthy living.

Doing the Stuff Network
Doing the Stuff Network Skills
Health and Fitness
Functional fitness
Natural cleaners/sanitation
Natural health
Food Independence
Organic GMO-free gardening; in limited space or on the back forty
Home-brew; distilling spirits, wine, and beer
Preserving and storing food; dehydrating, curing, fermentation, smoking, etc.
Real food recipes and preparation
Alternative Energy
Wood gasification
Bio fuels
Security and Self-defense

Hardening homes and retreats
Reloading ammo
Situational awareness
Building tribe and community
Rescue, evacuation, and escape
Retreat plan
OpSec (Operational Security)
First Aid/Medical
Herbal and home remedies
Basic first aid
Suturing skills
Homeschool/unschool/interest-led learning
Trade skills
HAM radio and communications
Learning through play
Free market
Austrian economics
Home/self-employment business
Alternative news
DiY and Handicrafts
Candle making
Soap making
Leather work
Basket making
Broom making
Wood carving
Fire making
Land navigation
Wilderness survival
Hunting, fishing, trapping
Urban survival
Homesteading/Raising Animals
Animal husbandry
Large animals
Farm/herd dogs
Frugal living
Preserving food
10 Skills Necessary For Survival
Not all Skills Are Created Equal
Outdoor Survival Courses
Hunting Skills
Disaster Training
Gardening Skills
Firearm Certification and Training
Canning and Food Preparation
Amateur Radio Classes
Sewing Classes
Candle/Soap making Conventions
49 Outdoor Skills and Projects to Try When Camping or living in wilderness!
:Planning your spring outdoor adventure?
Try these skills and projects, even if it’s in your backyard. In fact, your backyard may be the best place to start your journey to outdoor self-reliance