Rivers of Thought {polluted}

*************** Smiley in colorqado is not smilin’ bout this!

420 Greetings

………..Da’ EPA gives da’ World in da’ 4 corners an down below da’ roundyround!

…………Unreal Very Unreal to me but ah so real 😦 bummer to sayda’ very least!

Da' EPA GIVES Da" World Da' Roundyround!Da’ EPA GIVES Mr. Weed’s  World Da’ Roundyround!

..EPA: Colorado mine waste spill larger than first reported.…..well,,more frum the gallery of smiley here in colorado who ain’t smilin to much bout this latest adventure in our 3 corners area ? :(..BY our Wunderful protecting Guys at the epa that wanted to cover it up so now it’s an accident , wow.
Problem out of proportion for Colorado an the south land 😦 .is really unbelievable,that it happened in the usa an we let {them} get away with it :(. will prolly be the case anyhow.. Whenever any collection of hazardous waste is captured in earthen pits or in a lake format, the easiest and cheapest way to rid…

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