In Ur Face – Lightnin’ photoz by Q


In ur face Lightnin' by Q

In ur face Lightnin’ Foto by Quarksire

CAME TO MIND DRIVIN ROUND TAKIN PICS OF LIGHTNIN STORMS LAST NIGHT! – ah but what does Q do when it’s dar an lightning storms are keepin him awake…chase the storms thats what! is a lotta fun!

one-strike2best_by_Quarksire 002…I gots lots to get developed an werked with here bout 3 rolls will see what comes back…since now i have to send out for my lab werk…heres a couple of shotZ nevertheless!

behind_tree_lightning_by_Quarksire 001

4 More “IN UR FACE”

lightnin2012aLIGHTNING pHOTOGRAPHY by Q click here


11 thoughts on “In Ur Face – Lightnin’ photoz by Q

  1. These are awesome photos of “lightnin”. I tried once and the only way I could capture lightening was with video, and then I used an image from the video.

    • use ur 35mm and set ur cam on the “B” setting an close lens down to f8 er smaller ; set on tripod or roof of car asn point at cloud sparkin off lightning an open lens….thill lightning strikes,,,when the lightning strikes,,,the lightning provides for the necessary light for the pic burnt onto ur film; close the lens shot captured 🙂 i get bout 20% turnout it appears …. take care rae: happy shootin when a storm comes round 🙂 Q

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