RainMan What?

an da’ rest of me welllllllll its raining like what? cats an what? well yeah its up to that round here an a few thunderboomers also….i gotz 750 watts in here an stage speakers so i trying to out do the thunderstors with this.for the neighbors lol 🙂 Here is what scott D has to say! …..

Photo; By Quarsire

Photo; By Quarsire

Soul of the Storm – Scott D. Davis – solo piano

From the solo piano album “Tahoma.” Get the CD, MP3, PDF sheet music or the complete Tahoma Songbook at http://www.scottddavis.com
jest stopping to watch da' show! a bit!

Q jest stopping to watch da’ show! a bit!

boom boom says da’ rainman as da’ supercells pass on by!
Tis below is what scott says bout it! an check out the riffs he does of all of metallicas music is pert awesome also 🙂 @ old folks homes imagine dat!

I’ve always loved thunderstorms, and yet I’ve always been afraid of them. They have an irresistible draw that is scary and yet strangely beautiful, much like this original composition for piano.
once again let it rain

The Unforgiven, Amazing performance

by Scott D. Davis – solo piano





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