Every Concievable Angle

one day at a time! is truly all i can say concerning this very subjeKt, an ya nevr know until ya try sumpthin if it might werk ernot even in blog werld or photography er life itself an this is life :)…especially fer those in the know bout me πŸ™‚ da’ Q

So heres a “Gallery” but don’t show the way the editor showed so…. so much for a gallery all pics it puts to left side an not side by side, like my last post it..so? will have to play with that thingy! .i like to center my pics here anyhew …., oh well such as life fer now! πŸ™‚

my old way of a gallery before internet lol

my old way of a gallery before internet lol

da_fan_Q_da_fan dont_move_by_Quarksire Diana_wanted_to_quit_but_by_Quarksire Happy-Dayz-by_Quarksire Diana_day_2_by_Quarksire Debra_lynn__opaQue debra_lynns_100lbs Lewkin_at_you_Q 007 monicas_way_by_Quarksire No_ones_purfekt_says_julie_by_Quarksire Let_da_sun_shine_in

of a few past “friends”of days of future past! I’ve tried a few concievable angles but not every concievable angle to get a roomate an best friend so heres jest maybe? another “angle” to put da werd out!..so yes i am taking “interviews” lol …


Frum Every Angle” was da’ wordpress weekly post-it challenge for evry one, an since i have so many active followers an viewers, an i ussually nevr post 2 in a week well this is a s gewd a reason as i can think of to evr do 2 πŸ™‚Β  who knows how many “eligible” an er possibly a “match” lol.{an not jest a goldigger} etc etc…..wunder if that will ever come back around in my life:)…an evry lady i meet once we get together always asks me the same question! what were ur other gurlfriends an wives like an what attracted me to u etc etc, so to get that outa the way i gotz this frum every angle gallery posted here, yes frum evry angle i tried with these women , but well sometimes life jest don’t werk the way ya plan, yep plan the plans not the outcome an one day at a time are 2 of my sayings i live by daily hope u enjoyed the show whomever happens to gander at this page an well if’n ur female an “eligible” an know me here well? I sit here evry night an wunder where the next angel an roomie will come frum so i gotta try another angle right πŸ™‚ …so point is i am not on da’ hunt but sure would like to be hunted by someone of my same nature….who might wanna move to colorado?

have a splendid week everyone who comes by the Rocky Werld of da’ Q .point made i believe today , sure would like to hear frum u ..an U know who U are if U read this! ❀ now all thats left is 4 u to let me know..an see where dat one goes…

I fly good! i fly safe! i fly to have fun not kill myself!

I fly good! i fly safe! i fly to have fun not kill myself!

Quark quark…an no i am not all quaked up jest cracked up frum doing many crazy athelitic an sporting things over the years an “failing” sumtines lol..another story!….

gewd night an happy holiday this next week if ur in da gewd ol’ USA .er wherever fer dat matter of a fact .hasta frum

…….. Q ……..

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