Which world do you want your children to grow up in?

Rarely do i re blog but….ThanQ mark 🙂 one of the few folks in the world I will re-blog, cuz well, i couldn’t say it better myself thanks mark 🙂 across da’ werld frum Q aka Mike in colorado :)namaste’ 2 u an urz 🙂

Endless Light and Love


My Dear Friends,

Utopia?…I Think not!

Is my question ridiculous?…I Hope not!

Is the picture on the right too far fetched and impossible for us to achieve?…No! I firmly believe that it is possible for us to achieve, and for some of our readers, I am sure they actually live a life that is somewhat similar to that picture!…..But, unfortunately, this is not the case for the majority living in our world today!

Is the picture on the left a joke?…Or, is it a reality of many places in our world today?……Can we make the change from living on the left side of this picture; to actually living on the right side of this picture?….Yes!…Hell Yes!

As you know, I am a peace loving kind guy, I do my best each day to share positivity, love, peace and respect to all people of our world, I hold out my hands…

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One thought on “Which world do you want your children to grow up in?

  1. Thanks for the great post.
    The school systems today serve breakfast to the kids when they get to school because evidently there food at their homes, so sad. For many kids, before they walk into of the classroom, they lineup at the nurse’s office for pills to settle them down, my God, what is happening to this country? Many professional people do drugs, why not everybody else?

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