WordPress Worldwide Photo Challenge A Gathering


Once a year for bout 20 years i have been attending a


Gathering that is lotsa fun in the 4 corners here every year.

Four Corners Motorcycle Rally – Labor Day Weekend – Ignacio Colorado

The Ignacio Bike Rallye


..It brings out all sortsa people



an animals also πŸ™‚




thought it might be a good time to

another bikerdog @ da' rallye

share a few shots of the Gathering


πŸ™‚ always a lotta fun things to do at this gathering… πŸ™‚


lotsa photogenic things to take pics of also


Biker rally rodeo an pow-wow all in one even a

Fake Orgasm Contest

an festivities Galore


..imagine dat huh!….


..dancin men an women of all kinds enter here..






…hope ya have a great xmas season this year…..although truth of the matter is here i am gathering firewood an trying to stay warm lewkin’ forward to spring an more gatherings. fer another kinna kwazy kewl gathering check out the link below


Ride of theΒ Century

A Gathering upon the highways fer fun

~ SO ~

Till Next time, amigos, adios, might be off line till after new years but as arnold once said




Document a gathering and share your interpretation with us.

18 thoughts on “WordPress Worldwide Photo Challenge A Gathering

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  2. YOWSA YOWSA!! All that bare skin and hot motorcycles what a combination.Nothing like having a Bike Rally, Pow Wow, Rodeo combination. Looks like they do it up right out in the four corners area. They will be giving Sturgis South Dakota a little competition for the summer people.
    Thanks for the post and the great pictures.

  3. Those photos bring back a lot of memories of a time when me and my husband were in a motorcycle club, going on rallies in all kinds of weather on our Triumph 350 that he rebuilt from scratch. I love the canine helmets, really cool. πŸ™‚

    • yes fer us old skewl folks…i still can’t stay away frum the rallys since it is right next door practically, most fun thing i get to do yearly besides fly my trike πŸ™‚ although broken pieces an parts are keeping me out of the air this winter, i can still ride the dirt bike in the snow fer fun. stay warm happy holidaZe Jean πŸ™‚ wow triumph how kewl, one of my friends has the new triumph triple ur husband would love, this guy is 70 an still rydes also πŸ™‚ .love an light 2 u an urs πŸ™‚ Q an yeah biker dogs they are a hoot huh! πŸ™‚

    • yeah last long trip this bike took was to sturgis also, but that was with the original owner, i stay within a couple hundred miles of home with this bike, too much to see in colorado anyhew. πŸ™‚

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