Trump Barbara Walters Interview

Although i am not a politically oriented website, i still felt i should give my readers a chance to decide for themselves what the TRUTH is…


Personally i hope the people this man is talking an speaking against don’t somehow find a way to take him out of the picture…after you see this interview u might agree…Truly amazing how the media slams a person with so many great qualities an character also, i do not think that there really has been a candidate like him in a long time that was not hooked into the oil barons an the new werld order an the money…so watch if ya wish don’t if ya are not interested, if u are a voter i suggest u watch!…Take care .over an out frum da Q Should title this blog post the time is NOW! an put it in the now post it at wordpress weekly photo challenge , but well i don’;t have any pics i have taken myself now of mr trump …so,will do another post for “now” laters….have been buried under lotsa snow here still digging out. :0 have a great one everyone till next post it bout Now…Manana………


Donald Trump responds to his critics

it’s kinna biased but  is werth watching concerning the same subjekt 🙂 tada 🙂 over an out frum Q

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