The Art of Kiting by Q

And that leadz me to this!!


Where Life Imitates art 🙂


Application frum Life to art an art to life, well, in my life the art is assembly {puttin er together } then there is KITING kiting is an art


…Kiting Imitates the art of flying without flying.


…the Flying then is the easy part



an the hardest thing bout the art of Flying is The Ground


🙂 yep yep 🙂


soft landings are always gewd landingz in my werrld 🙂


when i need a fix when i fall down an might find myself with a broken heart! well, i can jest seek My Arts be fine with dat after all


🙂 My Stairway to Heaven! 🙂


i like to go FLY FLY FLY any way i can………Dats my art!.an when i can’t do dat


Waz a white Xmas! in colorado

I Jest ride on an on with all my heart!…


an dats a whole other form of Art!..


Adios till next time an check out WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge


for more worldwide interpretations of where Life imitates art!.



WordPress Worldwide Photo Challenge Time

Supporting my self first! then


Morning Airtime is Q’s favorite Time 🙂

                      Supporting Love Infinitly!

Till Infinity! for all time

Is one way to start folks while we wait for da’ …Time: word of da week at wordpress worldwide weekly photo challenge.. I couldn’t resist an hardly ever use my own search bar on my own web page to see what i come up with an this “time” is perty unique to me…an da’ internet bots also an da’ big computer in the cloud. Time is referenced more than any other werd in the english language 🙂 how bout that fer fact of da’ day…

Have a great weekend Werld an check out below what i come up with in regards to time this time round to help cure some winter blahs…that is if ya gotz the time 🙂 stay warm wherever ya are is like O degrees outside here right now. A gewd time to be in the southern hemisphere is  This time of the year!


twas’ an awesome month flying round da’ coast of peru once upon a time 🙂

  Oh now what bout time? well?

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Quark Says over an out!

Groundhog Not Coming Out Here

2016 is a New Years an a new moon


Snow Snow an more snow here is all ..


..after da full moon of da new year , So being this Squirrel is a lot like a groundhog, an stayed inside day I’ll say there won’t be no groundhog peeking out this week or month here in colorado yet!. .jest me dog! dats all…


Sometimes Experience and or re-experiencing the event

is the key to learning and understanding but

as we grow older the experiences don’t have to be had the same way

because the choices will be different based upon memorys of the past….


As we as Human Beings evolve into a self aware consciousness:)….we gradually see that the mistakes that we studied and also lived through and judged to be so bad were auctually tools<:) for lessons that needed to be learned….if we had never experienced the mistake of wrong choice or thought or experience then we would’nt know which ones to steer clear of in the future now would we? 🙂

We are all like Phil… We don’t get to move on, until we become enlightened Compassionate Beings.. You could think of every Day (for Phil) as a whole new Life; a Reincarnation.. You get another chance to make some jen tells me this fine day..Keep your chin up, Q! Everything makes sense at the end. Have faith that Life unfolds with your best interest at heart.
Even though it may seem cruel at the moment, there’s a reason for everything and everyone.
Are you going to let Life bring ya down? Puhlease!!!
my answer to that is …nope, can’t let my past step on my future anymore whatevr that is, got to keep on keepin on is all now !