The Art of Kiting by Q

And that leadz me to this!!


Where Life Imitates art 🙂


Application frum Life to art an art to life, well, in my life the art is assembly {puttin er together } then there is KITING kiting is an art


…Kiting Imitates the art of flying without flying.


…the Flying then is the easy part



an the hardest thing bout the art of Flying is The Ground


🙂 yep yep 🙂


soft landings are always gewd landingz in my werrld 🙂


when i need a fix when i fall down an might find myself with a broken heart! well, i can jest seek My Arts be fine with dat after all


🙂 My Stairway to Heaven! 🙂


i like to go FLY FLY FLY any way i can………Dats my art!.an when i can’t do dat


Waz a white Xmas! in colorado

I Jest ride on an on with all my heart!…


an dats a whole other form of Art!..


Adios till next time an check out WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge


for more worldwide interpretations of where Life imitates art!.



9 thoughts on “The Art of Kiting by Q

    • auctually, the eagles out perform me an they know it lol…
      They can fly faster than me an fly slower also, so in a way they can fly circles round me an then buzz away at 80 miles an hour is amazing, but yep close as i can get to the feel of an eagle is flying the trike an thermalling with the birdZ 🙂

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