Beyond Roads

Quarks Q-Tube is dedicated to an a lot bout flying ultralights an whatnot. This vid is of a sorta fun toy I’d like to have in my stable sumday! 🙂 I fly the hardwing styled trike now like my pic below, am servicing an setting up to fly this spring here i am.


  This does lewk like it’d be lotsa fun for going out to the back country with an exploring, When the road ends what does one do? so enjoy this vid if’n ya choose to watch… an until next ..yes, Q’s still alive! lol…even though some might have thought i disapeared fereva, well i’m back! No april fools joke this year, the joke was on me, so ya live life an learn is what it is! have a splendid one Q 🙂

PS; one day at a time one second at a all ya get frum Q right now!

Chow & namaste’PSS:

“Crashing is Not an Option!”


7 thoughts on “Beyond Roads

  1. quarksire,
    You have confirmed my suspicions. Yes, you are definitely crazy, crazy with guts. I first started watching that, I thought you are shiting me. Wow, what a ride! Thanks for taking me along.

    Please be safe while you are driving or flying, whatever you might be doing high over the Rocky Mountains, no hard landing, whatever you do! One of your followers. Leland

      • That is the darndest thing I ever laid my eyes on, That ground travel looked a little while too.
        While in the air I thought I did see the frame going up and down, bending in the middle. I hope that was my imagination. Take care, stay well, don’t take that thing into orbit quite yet.

    • Yeah it is, better, anyhew, life is full of ups an downs, an well as lonmg as i can make the majority of the days of the weeks uppers is all that matters, thanks for the uplift, hope u an ur clan are all doing well also 🙂 take care namaste’ ❤ frum da' Q

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