The FlyBoard Air



 ..Never in my lifetime did i think this would become a reality but well it has folks, check it out, jest like mc fly .he don’t need no wings to fly! .Link of the day Video of the day ….Is what i would say is sumpin dat truly can kick up da’ dust lol………so watch this vid here for ur daily amazement!  Jest another toy fer the bucketlist of the young and able …. I’ll stick to the hanglider wing if my engine quits i can still glide to the ground, well with this rig a reserve chute might jest be what the doctor ordered. unlike the flyboards they had that are attached to a jet ski,

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operates on same principle but a smaller package 🙂  an this one is unattached an free to leave the ground, flying thousands of feet into the air at will.

🙂 No wings required 🙂

2 Kewl fer skewl in my werld anyhew..see vid..

Adios, till next time Q

13 thoughts on “The FlyBoard Air

    • hi resa 🙂 hope all is well in ur industrious werld, when i find ur email addie, i will send ya a folder of stuff i have collected for U fer ur delight, since i am also into street art frum all round the werld i have some favs i have saved for ya…ThanQ fer droppin bye to say high..take care.Resa . namaste’ frum da’ Q ❤

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