Quarked DreamZ Yessiree….In Hawaii….


:::::::::Every year for quite a few yearz i have been wishing to go here an go there when i can afford to, #1 on my bucketlist for the past couple of years is to be able to go meet up with some folks i know in the trike werld on the internet, an have been following their adventures for many years, don’t even need to renew my passport to visit there either, so #1 on my bucketlist for 2016 is to adventure for a few days to Hawaii…an visit with Paradise Trikes..If i can afford to i would like to take my own wing an spend a couple of weeks there in the either fall er spring would be wunderful to see frum my perspective there. – High Up in Da’ Air 🙂 ..Da’ Quarked part of da’ dream is Takin a female friend on that adventure with me also, somy mind says keep on dreamin mikey…even if they say they are ? whatever it is an i am crazy to wanna Luv em well is what it is 🙂 time tells all godly desires, what i know is when i focus on doing sumthing, eventually i get there, wherever an whatevr it is..when well who knows; an with whom? ? who knows? i can only dream an see what comeZ up! .so, yes some dreamZ do Cum true! I’m crazy enuff to try, ? question is is she { my dream gurl:LoL} really ready to get that HIGH! lol….



::::Quark::::: 🙂 ::::Quark:::::

7 thoughts on “HawaII aIRIEL qUARKED dREAMz

    • all i can say to dat is sum reach fer da sky, sum reach into the depths, an well their dream is their dream …an when angels like me have broken wingz will, one should seek to try to fix my wingZ an keep on flying an doing what i like to do till death do i part frum my own soul…So ryde on an fly on one day @ a time is da’ best i can do as i keep my dream alive – whatevr that is sumtimez…hoping u also! can achieve ur truest deepest dreamZ of hearts desire in ur life: an evryone that reads my posts also, thanQ fer stopping by….

      • hawaii is beautiful… I’ve been to several islands…but sky diving…I’d be like that sky diving gramma falling out of her harness and the instructor laughing all the way down…lol…

      • no sky diving for this guy…i like to fly an have fun,,,no way do i need to jump out of my trike unless i break a wing er sumpin! i fly to have fun; not to scare the shit outa myself; been there done that,,,i’ll stick with the hardwings instead…like in da video here. never been to hawaii, have a step son that lives there so want to visit b-4 my days in life in this reality end!…so i stay strapped in ..is more fun data way ..hasta……..Q

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