wtf 50 percent lol


half an half lol…

Went an opened the garage to take the scoot fer a ryde down to the mail boxes here, which is 5 miles away, Mark, my neighbor comes up every weekend an we go fer a ryde to check see the mail, well I waz gonna do a posty-it bout 50% ers an how they take more than they give, an ya only end up with 25% in the end an they use the other money to pay others they an con into doing their werk for them, even though they say they don’t like that person, they will use em to capatalize on the $$$ they took frum me right in front of my face thinking i can’t add er something i assume….then they call me delirious an go hide in their hole, in fear, FEAR that i will retaliate jest like the others that retaliated in the past to them for what they did an do, anyhow was a long TRIPOLAR rant, don’t think anyone wants to read,{so i did not publish yet} it was meant for the self obsessed user an abuser but they probably will never read it anyhow, for in their eyes ignorance is bliss,, so on one side is WTF an on the OTher side IS wtf? quite a knotty mess to untangle…I say how’d dat happen….Did a burnout into the garage after dark last night an well, picked up a new friend, at least this one did me 50-50 lol.half fer each side….instead of half of half which in da end is only 25% wtf…all i gotz to say bout dat…@ da moment anyhew,  time to go fishin’…all a matta of perception an perspective ain’t it now huh! .yep yep..


off fer a ryde – an time 2 go play fish!



rivers clearer an trout come alive ! well sumtimez 🙂





couldn’t get a grip on da river so came to sit by da’ lake an ferget bout all da jerkz lol…

..this is what the lake lewks like frum the air 🙂 a shot below


echo lake frum my quarked  drivers seat

..Welp, don’t wanna trip ya out with 100 quotes, so maybe next time , till then , have a splendid night an er day wherever ya are on dis ol planet!


3 thoughts on “wtf 50 percent lol

  1. The tread on your scoot tires shre grabbed down on that extension cord, that looks like something I would’ve done. Glad you take some time off flying to go after the trout, a little relaxing trout fishing is always good for the soul. Thanks again for all of your good pictures from God’s country

    • yup: it’z an air hose an instead of jest a post-it all hot aired, thought i would yes post a couple a pics of “gawds” country yes indeed… I’ll prolly die in colorado, so much to see an do , an well , i am , less than young anymore hehe..thankx fer poppin byeleland take care .Q

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