Dis’ ol’ Tree: has Fallen


here yesterday : gone tomorrow šŸ˜¦

Certainly i had lotsa Admiration fer Dis Ol Tree!

Can’t get the ol text editor to werk…so well…try this as i go without my colorz an all…Sad day here , cuz well ever since like 1995 this tree has stood the test of time an hald woodpeckers an alike , has been fun to watch the wildlife nest in it for years in my very own frt yard,,,now it has dissapeared, an slid down the hill side, well, fell , an none of us heard it round here,,,,,so here are a few pictures i havetaken over the years of DIS HERE OL TREE,,,will be missed 4 ever in my part of the werld YES INDEED !..they say,wow its jest an old dead tree mikey, well it still held life to the last days she stood tall an weathered all the werl had to offer it weatherwise fer years,,alll but gone now…..take care an have a great week………Q……..I feel lonely without my old TREE!!!!!!! I DO I DOO LOL ..yeah well jest a tree,not quite any old tree to me ..Bummer 2 me šŸ˜¦






quarked couch an da ol tree šŸ™‚





so shall miss the ol tree!.yes indeed!




da’ leanin tree before she or “it” fell!!!

adios over an out frum da’ Q


Show us someone or something you admire (and tell us about them, too)!

9 thoughts on “Dis’ ol’ Tree: has Fallen

  1. You have my sympathy on the loss of that tree. I could see how you could’ve become close to that special tree with a raven for the weather vane. I won’t bite on the sofa. Sitting in your front yard. I do believe you have plenty of trees left to become close friends with, I cannot believe your front yard view, talk about heaven on earth. I do believe you have got it right there in Colorado. Best wishes Leland

    • yeah waz da highest tree upon dis hill fer years,,became with a nick name called the old snag ya could see frum the highway 5 miles away,,,such as life huh…i gots lotsa photos of it an well no photos of dat ol tree will be taken any more , many people stop here jest to take photos frum my frt yard street view here…an dat ol tree.take care.summer is a cumin šŸ™‚ yeahha šŸ™‚

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  3. I must have gotten distracted before I commented on this…I get sentimental too over a tree. It gave you a good view (of life) and lots of memories. I love trees and I would have cried like a baby to lose that one! You captured some great shots and picked the right choice for “admiration.”

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