Quantum Healing Say what? Heal the field heal the dis-ease!

 Quantum Healing Say what? Heal the field heal the dis-ease! – This is a post bout suppression of the cures for disease in usa an world wide, till the last couple of years.


Healing Through Frequency an the subtle “FIELD” energy! …..An everyone i talk to; even doctors say WHAT? that’s impossible, till they hear the whole story. My previous family doctor i had had never heard of it, till i told him bout it, a year later he left his medical group he practiced at an started his own Werld. Well, once he saw that Frequencies an cannabis was an unbelievable cure well, he had to start his own practice, because the majority of “mercy” groups are into “CHEMO’ etc etc an cutting an killing an experimenting on their patients with drugs.
Apparently; i am “supposed to be dead” already! according to a couple of “professionals” they can’t believe i am still able to function. Although i do do 5 milligrams of oxycodone 3 er 4 times a day to help assist with the pain, I do not do any of the other things or drugs besides use bio energy field work!.an smoke my cannibas…..The ETDFL – {the Electro Therapy Device Frequency List} is enormous, frum A-Z frum Acne to Zygomycosis …cover hundreds of dis-eases that are frequently attempted to be managed by cutting on or operating on or chemo-ing on or extracting ? manually? or trying “experimental” drugs…which is short term cure! if ya cure the problem..but don’t cure the field; the dis-ease will come back if the field is not balanced the way i see it.
There are diseases an corresponding frequencies that i have never even heard of here, in the manual, u can even find the frequency list i am surte on line with a bit of research, but without a rife machine or quantum machine u will not be able to use them. Some hands on healers can correct the frequencies also i have found, but most hands on healers do not have the capacity to know all the thousands of frequencies in the human body so well as dr. royal rifes many years of research has shown. Even my hands on healer is amazed an introduces himself to these subtle field energy frequencies which we all have, well, he can use the machine to find the right tune, some have the capacity to even hear the sublte field energies. believe it er not….It is a different kinda hearing,,,is like direct if i must say besides through the ears but yes it is frum within “the mind”
So, as it is the rife digital device is a relatively easy device to use, The ETD {electro therapy device} frequency book lists thousands of diseases and ailments, with 10 accompanying frequencies. Sumtimes the choice is simple, for example if u have a common cold then simply program the device wit the frequencies set for “common cold” and set ur machine to <sweep> More Complicated disease conditions may require an individualized program.
Because the ETD works using natural frequencies, 3 months may be a plausible time period for a remission of a more serious disease conditions, like my PKD or tyroid type or glandular diseases an the spreading multiplying kind. Natural medicine also werks in thi manner, on a more subtle level an and over an extended period of time. The best results are found with the extended overnight while one sleep session, where ya jest set to run an go to sleep! Again folks, it is in my Believe it er not! category, cuz u don;t have to believe me or take my werd for it. Although i do know if i could have started with the frequency werk before my disease got to the “terminal” point …well, i would not be in the state of body an mind i am now…truly…But i am still alive an that is the point i am trying to make, the doctors wanted to poke an cut etc etc, but with my disease with thousands of cysts it would only make matters werse…as far as i am along…feels like i am going to have a baby all the time geez….sumtimes the pain is incredible, but well the frequencies helps subside that pain a lot it does!
So? whats the point of this post! well……betrayed an fooled by the medical world the world has been for many years an this technology hidden frum most also, an not even taught in medical school either, how crazy is that huh…jest goes to show the grip the medical an pharma industries have had on this world for years!…so read this post bout a cure for most diseases an especially most cancers! then go to rife digital’s home page an read the story of it all an why it was hidden for so many years! an what one can do now if they want to use bio-frequencies to repair their own body! well there it is ….Simple yes indeed! most people won;t or don;t believe…But is true folks .it werks, an has helped keep this guy alive a few extra years so i could help get the werd out to the werld that DISEASE STARTS IN THE FIELD – HEAL THE FIELD AN HEAL THE DISEASE! BOUT IT . BELIEVE IT ER NOT!

Truth is Stranger than Fiction

 Indeed “Truth is Stranger than Fiction” as we align ourselves to consistently feel our deepest inner truth (our God essence) to then emerge remembering ourselves as the original Cosmic Citizens of our Universe. We are Ancient Beings. More of our experienced daily circumstances, our old connection to stories, archetypes, lineages are becoming mutated to appear even more bizarre (therefore becoming obsolete) as we move into the next reality. These mutations are a shadow distortion in most cases and it gives us the opportunity to “witness” them so we can dissolve them, thus removing their entanglement to us.  These entanglements are deep, they are genetic, they encompass everything from our cellular histories that include the creational myths, the archetypal forms and genetic lineages that all hold a specific frequency code. As we traverse our path, the daily movie takes us to witness everything imaginable (and unimaginable) in the spectrum of the most grotesque to pure gorgeousness. Please do not fear.  This is the inner alchemical process we undertake which synthesizes the polarities in which higher octaves of pure divine light can be generated, shaped and given form

Once you can read or feel the energetic signatures one can clearly see the pattern existing in all things, as such as with an architectural blueprint. When you can read the energy blueprint first, you then can sense your resonance (or not) to that person, place or thing. Ask your God Self or Guidance Teams to show you the energetic “blueprint”.

 This is the time to feel the energy signature first, rather than judging ANYTHING from the external layer. Nothing external is what it appears to be or what you think it is right now at a “face value”.

OVER an out fer da day frum da’ Q ….I wrote this saturday morning; cuz well saturday was another one of them groovy days where i had a hard time jest getting by…So seems as recovery is a daily process here …an there also…time an time again…is what it is.in mikey werld……..Take care an Namaste’ till next time i come round da net!.Q


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“Believe it er Not”

The Jigsaw Puzzle of Pangea: What It Tells Us About Our Fragile Human Lives

~~~~ ThanQ Athena fer bringin dis’ one to light! “for a heartbeat and before that”,.Yes indeed! ..Would be great if mankind was a whole would get a grip on this one, Namaste’ 2 u in da land down unda’ . Eternal ? well, another ? question huh! we shall see what the answers behold er not huh! So- Peace-love & light … 4 dis’ lifetime 2 U an Urz anyhew 🙂 frum Colorado Q….

The Jigsaw Puzzle of Pangea: What It Tells Us About Our Fragile Human Lives


AN to my readers, its jest ur loss the way i see it if ya click “like” an pass me on by an don’t go to Athenas place an check out what Catnip news has to say bout life an at least read the rest of this article, She did the research and correlation of facts with this one ….So…is a trip when i get like 20 likes an see that only 3 er 4 folks even bothered to click an go read the rest of the article

🙂 Peace-ouT! 🙂


Content Catnip

Around 200 million years ago the world’s landmass was contained in one giant supercontinent called Pangea surrounded by a mega ocean. I know that this isn’t news but I still find it startling and incredible nonetheless.

In the graphic below you can see the composition of Pangea but with the modern countries boundaries superimposed on it.

Click to view larger image

The Jigsaw Puzzle of Pangea: What It Tells Us About Our Fragile Human Lives

How can we know the configuration of the land jigsaw?

Scientists know that the jigsaw pieces of Pangea fit together in this particular way from their research.

Fossil skeletons of extinct species from across the world have been dated and their holotypes compared and they are more closely related in areas where these geographical landmasses were once connected.

Similar fossils have been discovered in South Africa, India and Australia. Such as the theropod dinosaur therapsid Lystrosaurus.

Rock formations match between the eastern coast of South America and the western…

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Mira Flores Paragliding wit Mikey


Frum da captains seat of Windrydr aka Quarksire aka mikey

Parapente en Lima Peru / Vuelos Biplaza Miraflores / Paragliding Lima

Couldn’t resist posting bout this, when i came acroos a version of my sunset pic here above tonight, then i got carried away watching a few vids of my fav flying guys on the planet 🙂


floatin over tha marriot!

Most Extreme an Kewl vacation i ever took in my life; was when i went to visit an internet friend in Peru i had met right after my lady at the time passed away , i seriously needed a break frum life…was one of the most incredible eye opening adventures i have ever had in my life for many reasons besides the daily flying an trying to interpret an communicate in a language i halp hassardly understand an speak..This post is jest bout the flying….In one day u can have a lesson an be flying there, Mikes dad took paragliding an hangliding to the coast some 20+ years ago, an he was raised there paragliding an is a great awesome pilot with thousands of hours flying, these guys jest love to fly, flip em 25 bucks an ur up for an hour ..more money more time is al there is to it,,,some days i would spend 100 bucks going for all day flights. etc etc,,,is a blast when the conditions are correct..After spending a month down there i almost up an sold everything i had but my ultralight an took it to Peru an stayed there so i could have the ability to fly every day, an jest take American vacationers on rides etc etc, but well, my faith in my spanish skills was not good enuff at the time, an I feared if i left the united states for that log well, i would never come back, one of those lifes choices i guess..an i had a fear i would not be able to make it eventually an get stuck down there …so i stayed here in Colorado… Sumtimes i wish i would have stayed there also…who knows maybe i’ll vacation there again, is the kewlest vacation ya can imagine an the culture of time passed they know an believe in down there is pert incredible …an the trade exchange rate is incredible also…jest watch out for the street vendors that exchange money ,,, that they give ya the correct amount 🙂 ..if ya do choose to go there ..more on Peru an da’ culture there another day! Outback an to the small towns an Peruvian wilderness an coastlines is another story another day Q..


PS: who says money don’t talk…Money did most of the talking for me a lot when i was down there, don’t need to know the language jest how to count LOL :).

An another perspective of flying thew same spot frum another angle….. i nevr got tired of flying here…flew almost daily for 3 of the weeks i was there.took lotsa old skewl video lol….

Vuelo Alto en Parapente en Miraflores, Lima – Perú con AeroXtreme





fun times yeahhhhhh!




Lima sunset frum da' air Photo by Quarksire aka windrydr


10 Electric Bikes an a side trip to Peru


10 Best Electric Bicycles To Buy In 2016 is a matter of opinion an lotsa research an also the styles ya might want an the performance abilities – enhancements – instruments an whatnot..all i can say is do ur research …although i’ll have to say da’ folding e-bike is extremely kewl…the music in between segments sucks ..too loud ..but what da hay , is an informative watch an if ur disabled well check out the 3 wheeler 🙂 if’n ur interested in electric bikes @ all 🙂 take care till next time . Q…


Test to Magic Pie 4 – 2KW Electric Bike – Ride around Miraflores, Lima – Perú.

One of my fav spots in the Werld i have traveled to …Mira flores in Lima, Peru..is an enchanting town an place to see, if ya never been there well, i spent a month there once upon a time, flying the paraglider almost daily by the seashore there,,,an walked all over Mira fFores,,,etc etc,,,this vid is a great trip round down town lima..is pert kewl really! the drive down the mira flores park pathway above the ocean is way kewl u can actually hear the ocean when ya walk up there also is way above the ocean..goes for miles across the front of the ocean front between the big hotels an the sea…a beautiful walk an er bike ride 🙂 ..the traffic there is unreal an the drivers scary,,would be pert kewl really to have a bike like this there 🙂 yep yep : brought back a lotta memories fer me as i walked that pathway every day for a while an hung out at mira flores park for week flying paragliders. ANother post -it i’ll take ya flyin round there soon 🙂

🙂 check it out if’n ur bored 🙂

Test to Magic Pie 4 – 2KW Electric Bike – Ride around Miraflores, Lima – Perú.


Lima sunset frum da’ pilots seat by Quarksire



Lovers @ mira flores park lima peru 🙂

f1 Driver wins 100th Indy 500


Photo by: TopSpeed.com

100th Running Of The Indianapolis 500 Time Lapse Camera set above raceway. frum before the race to after the race all in a minute ..

Where Fear is not an option although failure is the enemy lol

More indy 2016 coverage comin soon..till then check out this re-run.. Simon Pagenaud kicks but in dis race .last 5 minutes in pert incredible…an wow deze guys have 5.8 second pitstops with 4 tires an fuel  truly incredible … 🙂

IndyCar 2016: Round 4. Alabama. Birmingham. Full Race

Photo Challenge: A Spare C Note er 2

…of past present and future…


“save ur spare change “

Jest one of me points of view, when i think of the werd spare!!! frum da’ hibernating

🙂 mind of Q 🙂

…have a splendid Present and Future week…


This week, get inspired by the many connotations of the word “spare.”


  1. (adjective) Additional to what is required for ordinary use.
  2. (adjective) Elegantly simple.
  3. (verb) To refrain from harming.

Nascars Not Just About Racing

Month of May time for many NASCAR charitable events… An One of my fav wordpress sites Nascar nbc sports just posted an article bout this which is inspirational.

Regan Smith (right) works on a car to help 4-year-old Scarlett overcome some of her mobility issues. Her father, Aarron McKibbin also helps with the car. (Photo by Dustin Long)

*********Many of the kids who received a specially fitted car to help with their mobility issues at a Go Baby Go event Wednesday at Tommy Baldwin Racing. (Photo by Dustin Long)

Many of the kids who received a specially fitted car to help with their mobility issues at a Go Baby Go event Wednesday at Tommy Baldwin Racing. (Photo by Dustin Long)

MOORESVILLE, N.C. — Throughout the two weeks of racing in May at Charlotte Motor Speedway, the NASCAR community takes part in several charitable activities. Among the various charitable activities, Tommy Baldwin Racing had 10 area families in its shop Wednesday with team members and volunteers to build specially fitted cars for children with mobility issues to help make it easier for them to get around. The Go Baby Go event provides modified ride-on toy cars to young children with disabilities, including Spina Bifida, Cerebral Palsy and Down Syndrome…

See an read the rest of and the complete article here > http://nascar.nbcsports.com/2016/05/26/month-of-may-time-for-many-nascar-charitable-events/


~~~~~~another great one Phillip 🙂

I look like dat Monkey Lewkz lol …much of da’ time …

ThanQ fer showin da’ coolest shots of some of the kewlest things Phillip 🙂 can’t resist i got to post this one fer all my USA and World travelers to see ur absolutely kewl animals an beautiful country there! an maybe browse around Cambodia a bit wit ur site, Namaste’ phillip & Take care frum da’…… Q

cambodian beginnings

Prachuap Khiri Khan, Thailand  Prachuap Khiri Khan, Thailand

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