Meet Dezsö Molnar an his gyro cycles

Meet Dezsö Molnár and His

– Flying GyroCycles –


  This man is a true visionary like burt rutan. His dream is to have these bikes er cycles if ya call em dat where race tracks will allow ya to participate in sanctioned events for fun an to test the abilities of men an machine.


The second cycle designed with tilting geometry an very high horsepower engines will do round the 200mph range in the ground an also be able to fly in the air, an imagine this, ya can break it down an roll it into ur hotel rewm for the night “Believe it er not”

Oh an crashing “it happens. but still  “Not an Option” really lol….


testing an more testing to get to the 3rd prototype

I still like my trike more, less moving parts 🙂


But of Course it FLYS!!!!

but this is totally

“2 kewl fer Skewl”

in Q’s bewk!


over an out frum da’ Q.


check out his website click

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