5 thoughts on “Da Aeromobile an more – yes flying cars

  1. You have to love these modern day flying cars, they exhibit aerodynamics to the Max. What a cool way to get to the corner store! We used to have flying cars back in the 1950’s we used to hunt jackrabbits at night in or headlights. Sometimes the old 49 Ford got going pretty fast out in the alfalfa fields, if you hit the right kind of a little knoll you could be airborne quite a ways before you touch the ground again, rabbit was always running the other way, though. So much for the old flying cars. Keep us entertained with the flying machines you come up with.

    • tabKs Leland :0 … welp bout it fer the newest dreg of flying machines, but yep when i do come across em i will post em, thanQ fer poppin bye, i knew u’d like this ONE! 🙂 Q

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