Weekly Photo Challenge: Face it!

A mind of Full of Faces yes indeed.

I had to face IT! i can’t keep to jest one !.


…we all have one…

willie 001

Quarked dog “Willie”

~~~er 2~~


Face of da’ rocky mountain Lynx by Q

~~~ er 3 er 4 or more ~~~
werd of the week this last week waz Face….

WordPress Worlwide Weekly Photo Challenge
an well; thru 3 days of rain here; i thought bout which face or faces to post! LoL…
well, i could post pics of my fav human faces an prolly catch hell for doing that

~ SO ~


Finally coming to the conclusion that besides the many human faces i have photographed over the years, the photos i have with UniQue expression of face…are those of animals…..so

Animals Only No People Allowed..4 dis post-it! 2 day


sad faced sugar with hurt arm

Some faces remain in da’ mind fereva, jest like a persons face remains in the mind forever..


..It would have to be a collage hundreds to express what i think of when i think of the werd FACE lol truly..

Like that which dreams are made of is the millions of choices for FACE! lol. This Face etched into my mind forever and onto film also in front of me one night I call the face of MY LIGHTNING DUDE!. Artificial face ,,yes an no lol.

lightnindude3c_by_Quarksire 001

facin’ up to da lightnin dude!

an well, subjecktively speakin in another interpretation i could say things like FACE THE DAY! er whatnot….Er Face da Night…..Er Face da truth if ya Dare..Face da facts!….But instead i keep dis’ 2Β  some faces of animals that are deeply embedded in my mind an soul…

Jest Like the Faces of people they also stay within the mind for a long time i believe, other faces do too!,,


Miss my missy i sur3e do!

that is if it is a memorable FACE fer some reason er another…


if ya were lewkin fer people faces well, not here not today on dis’ rainy day in paradise..Animal kinna day it is till the sun decides to shine in again!



over an out frum Q .hope ur not at all bored are ya lol ? πŸ™‚



4 2 see people faces in Q’s werld click here….
People Photography

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