Ian Flanders Was his Name


…Followed these guys for a long time i have, an well, all good things an all good people eventually find their own end.  A dramatic story here story told by his best friend …an partner Matt Blank.


How can you express everything that you want to somebody you love, knowing that if you don’t, that might be the last opportunity that you have? That is a reality that we all face, but for BASE jumpers, the risk of death sometimes results in something amazing and unexpected – love.

This is the real story of a pure love between two friends in the face of risk and tragedy.

3 thoughts on “Ian Flanders Was his Name

    • yeah huh…jest proves the point that even “experts” at sports that can be “potentially” dangerous…well,,,an makes me double check my , clips, snaps, belts, an safety stuff, 2 times sumtimes 3 evry time i go up in the air an fly…replace all failable rubber stuff evry year!…yeah dat vid got me upset also…but was an is what it is, life of the dangerous sports…an the ol adage “stuff happens” yup..so true huh 🙂 take care mil.wishin u anur fam a great summer ahead 🙂 . Q

  1. So very sad and at the same time he did what he loved. Love is the theme throughout this story. I believe that where he is now, he would have flown straight into the arms of love again.

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