The Jigsaw Puzzle of Pangea: What It Tells Us About Our Fragile Human Lives

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The Jigsaw Puzzle of Pangea: What It Tells Us About Our Fragile Human Lives


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Around 200 million years ago the world’s landmass was contained in one giant supercontinent called Pangea surrounded by a mega ocean. I know that this isn’t news but I still find it startling and incredible nonetheless.

In the graphic below you can see the composition of Pangea but with the modern countries boundaries superimposed on it.

Click to view larger image

The Jigsaw Puzzle of Pangea: What It Tells Us About Our Fragile Human Lives

How can we know the configuration of the land jigsaw?

Scientists know that the jigsaw pieces of Pangea fit together in this particular way from their research.

Fossil skeletons of extinct species from across the world have been dated and their holotypes compared and they are more closely related in areas where these geographical landmasses were once connected.

Similar fossils have been discovered in South Africa, India and Australia. Such as the theropod dinosaur therapsid Lystrosaurus.

Rock formations match between the eastern coast of South America and the western…

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