In case u missed da’ 2016 Indianapolis 500


I am layte to many things perpetually an will prolly be layte to my own funeral if there is one lol…But I choose in 2005 to not have “LIVE TV” evr since an have to “PAY” for it! Datz Crazy!  All my life TV was free, but now in my neck of the woods there is no free tv, cept 4 like 2 netwerk channels frum fuzzy Albuquerque 200 miles away, an pbs is free, so 3 channels wow, thats if u buy a new digital tv an or a digital converter! antenna etc etc,,,or go cable an pay up to 100 or more a month jest to watch TV at home, how insane in my bewk of life, so I wake at 3 am an watch Q-tube etc etc…Cost me less bandwidth thata way …So Anyhew if u missed the race this year ; here it is frum indycar at u-tube…COMMERCIAL FREE! 🙂

3 thoughts on “In case u missed da’ 2016 Indianapolis 500

  1. I haven’t had a TV in over 30 years. Not much worth watching that I can tell, especially when people tell me about the shows they watch. Too much life to live, cats to play with, roses to enjoy and things to photograph — I can’t even find time to watch movies on the computer these days.

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