Alex Collier 2016 The Perspective Of Andromedans

  so? watz dis’ BOUT False Evidence Appearing Real!

mentoring off world? of what our gov> our world, of us of u an me? ? no way say da’ Q



but yeah way says the higher powers….dat be!  are talking to the layers an layers of gov above the gov that the pres of the usa don’t even have access why did they drop the idea of the hydrogen car that hauled ass an drove at the indy 500 hunderds of laps…well…suppressed forever an hid frum the publik, simple things like that …tools for cleaner air an cars for cleaner air an energy for cleaner air an free electricity for cleaner air…free health care …system thats not pharmacuetically based, an has to do with color light an sound, dna repairing, from the changes with that also an the use of the quantum machines now available.
i spoken of em in many a post-it here, life time s of repairs believe it er not, So ? is ? are u an old soul or a young soul an do u know? do u care well;? some people do, an some people know how boutz it bout..all the things i talk bout above, but the real trip is that well anything thats a happening is that there will be no one ever in this werld that 100% understandz although…. Quarksire here sayz

“a realization a day keeps da doc away!”


~~~ dis ur moment in humanity to help an get ur shit together ? an well make decisions that are important for the whole an each an every person individually, well the time is now an it starts with u to make a decision an be radical an be a rebel for a change an have the courage to read some bs like me and then go explore an bother to spend an hour listening to another guy talk bout stuff….well….yes it matters to some,,whats it? does it matter ?

preaching to the choir or are people really waking up? do they really care. do they even believe anyone or anything frum the Galactic Plane activity, well it has revelations that happens on planet earth all the time at different spots all over , so making the intention to be able to get through a time of trouble…????why do i believe what an what do i believe? does one ever ask themselves that an do they even care or are they all set in their way based on a perception of reality they were taught over the years to be real?….whats self empowerment about? do we really know who we? are..welp, to those that are readin’ me an have had an ade {after death experience} of one kind er another well, an have died actually an have come back? through a wormhole in time i know u know i know what i am talking bout i, even if people don’t have a clue how I did it ? i’m not even sure, but was a trip never saw anything like that before an prolly well won’t experience it again til this body dies again, but now well , i don;t have a fear that i am not what i thought i was or think i am LOl if ya know what i mean


an kept my drif as this conversation went on, in my mind after i listened to this lecture by this guy? figure out ur own “fears” is what i say.false evidence appearing real” or well, get a grip on who ya are an …..well, certain things ? whatevr they are are in ur blood? is the way i see it. like me an my driving an flying skills i have acquired over the years, my experiences in re balancing an finding balance, also in all thing, even when i jump off a cliff or fly off a run way well,


top of da werld 🙂

i know somehow every time i take off an get into the air well I was meant to be flying in real life an in dreams also, an also well the idea jest for a moment , ya are totally free”…one of the reasons why i like to fly, an the views , is spectacular every time i go into the air is another different view an another feeling i never had but always had, is kinna strange an fun an well, when ya land ya are always grateful an then afterwardz, feel like ya are floating when ya walk, a lot, cuz well ya know how to fly, an well, an are one of those that have left their body an came back , one or more times er not an have a memory bout it, well, they know this feelin’…an well,

i’d say it’s not what they say “eye opening”

it’s mind opening” lol.

<there is a difference, believe it er not!>…


oh? what am i well, i do know i am a pilot? an i know sumtimes i am in some kinna choir or like a bird in a flock? In Da mind, i get the messages of the next best right thing to do at any moment –  an so do u too, if ur askin’ questions that well? pertain to anything that i mentioned above? well, check out what alex collier has to say



Alex Collier 2016 The Perspective Of Andromedans


2 thoughts on “Alex Collier 2016 The Perspective Of Andromedans

  1. So much to think about here. Yes, I think many are waking up but some are not yet, either because of fear or because they are still unaware of the energies that are coming into the earth plane at this time. As to whether we will get it together before it’s too late, I wonder about that too. It’s easy to get depressed thinking about it but I read recently that all thoughts are energy and that falling into negativity feeds the negative. It’s about choices – where do we put our attention? At the same time the incoming energies are leading many to go through a personal healing process where we begin wake up to the ways in which we have been unconscious and allowed ourselves to be controlled by our fears and/or conditioned thought patterns. I read a lot of channelled messages too – I think it’s important to always use discernment and to consider how the messages make us feel. If they are uplifting and challenge me to think in new ways, I read on. If they make me fearful or confused, I stop reading. Anyway – it’s good to make contact with another person on the journey towards consciousness. I hope we talk again. 🙂

    • kewl :0 tanks fer respondin’ an dropping bye! ❤ 2 kewl fer skewl – once again…funny how numbers are also an evry one of my followers have a # lol… an ur #670 have a splendid eve……. Q

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