The Life Of Donald Trump an Interesting video


I think dis pic is halarious an might possibly show da state of mind lol… and I don’t think This Video Will Get Donald Trump Elected but thats the title of the vid…

Although it is a perty interesting watch bout the life an times of sir’ donald trump. his bid fer da’ election – his viewpoints- an whys- what he knows an what he don’t know!.

I watched this vid an found it to be very entertaining an i learnt a few new tidbits also…, even though i am not a political site here it is nice to be informed by truthful an honorable journalism. I can appreciate a production like this…whether i am voting fer donald trump er donald duck er bernie…either way ..I can only hope whomever it is that becomes not a warmonger!


dats a lot fer


Jest a bita history is all all i can say is be an educated voter! an not a predjudice one…that for starters might help this country out…for all u lbgt people watch it! if ya dare, he is on ur side!

“believe it er not!”..




.also is his true viewpoint on the orlando nightclub an what he really thinks bout the pride community..whether u agree with the lifestyle er not i think he is right on bout the fact that we should have freedom of thats a fact that is right on!…my best friend is a Somalian refugee who was illegally transported an trafficked to the usa, molested an raped years ago on her trip to the usa, had a child as a result… well, she is pro- trump so go figure ok! she likes his immigration policy ideas also, so go figure! studying usa law! she is an the english language, been round da werld a bit, frum africa to usa, an knows 4 languages..!!she is anti radical islam! Prefers to be thought of as  “christian” in thought form also instead of the Moslem way…an she thinks he has it together in what he has to say!! also trump is pro guns! an she is anti violence an says we should able able to keep our guns! even though her middle name is mohammad. She likes trumps viewpoints on human rights etc etc! an laughs at the fact that he refuses to be politically correct! lol..if ur really bored or interested watch the related vid at the bottom the trump barb walters interview…

over an out frum da Q




as donald would say ! lol my laugh fer da day! he don’t care whatevr is fair is fair!

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