Ride of Da Week – Wit Jay Leno

wanna see an 80 year old man get it up 🙂 lol?

Ride of da’ week here lol.wit Sir jay leno..

going to have some fun in a barrauca ruda lol

…… a fun short watch…..

Like Jay sayz; Can’t get more wild than that!

Insanity wit a star in a car at its best! 🙂


an well,another one..one opf my favs,,,,,,not related totally but sorta cuz its jay lenos werld right 🙂 Dis one is fer u leland . 🙂 if’n ya neva saw da show.

One thought on “Ride of Da Week – Wit Jay Leno

  1. That was one hell of a ride, the old farts came through it in pretty good shape. Can you imagine that big old Hemi screaming away right back of your seat! Thanks for sharing. A cousin’s husband got shot down early in the war, he was on a B-17 crew. Spent most of the war in a German prison camp. He said, “It was nothing like Hogan’s Hero’s.”

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