World smallest V12 engine

World smallest V12 engine:


A vid fer all my wrench turners an anyone whom might want to know how an engine werks…


Is a fun 10 minutes to watch, an yep is like building a timex watch, a miniature 12 cylinder engine built frum scratch…


Is perty amazing really to me the craftsmanship an well, jest love those mini pistons, an that hand built crank an cam…mini valves an springs an all, an all them little itty bitty screws


5 thoughts on “World smallest V12 engine

  1. That V-12 engine looks to me like a genius got turned loose and went to work at something that he really loves to do. It is quite amazing! When I was driving truck and we were going up Donner Peak coming out of California. We never got going very fast with with our V-8 Detroit’s. The V-12’s would go past us like we were sitting up on blocks. Didn’t even sound like they were working hard as they went past.

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