Micro V-8 Engines that run!

The world’s smallest v8 Engine


is what this vid claims…sure is kewl…so on da same note as da’ last post-it….

another couple of kewl vids fer the “small” engine enthusiast!


World’s Smallest Supercharged V8

……have a splendid week, 2 one an allzzzz…

….an @ da gewd guys car show….Mini engines 🙂 galore 🙂 .

an check this out….da’ Worlds smallest  V12 engine that runs on fuel…

 see yesterdays related post-it below

 World smallest V12 engine



4 thoughts on “Micro V-8 Engines that run!

    • yep; 2 kewl fer skewl in my bewk, theres one there at u tube if ya search , a mini flathead also, amazing what these guys can do…wit thier mini engies yes indeed! thanks fer poppin in 🙂 have a splendid week 🙂 … Q

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