New Zealand Legally Recognizes Animals as ‘Sentient’ Beings – Spirit Zing

~~~~~~~~~~~~i so agree wit ya Lauren πŸ™‚

β€œIt’s great to finally see it brought into legislation. It’s awesome.”
time 2 share ur werld wit the readers of da’ Q
take care…. & namaste’ 2 u an urs…..

13 thoughts on “New Zealand Legally Recognizes Animals as ‘Sentient’ Beings – Spirit Zing

  1. Of Course They Are! My dog gets sad,mad,lonely and depressed because his best friends are all dying (he’s out-lived them all)! I’ve lost a cat (couldn’t find it) and it’s partner another cat stood beside me and meowed mournfully when it heard me calling it’s friend…..when the partner finally came home..2 days later, he chased it around the house and swatted it on the butt about 10 times!! Talk about a Spanking!! it was funny!
    Only Morons who have no feeling would disagree with this ruling!! Good subject!

    • Thanks, an i agree, my dogz are da’ kings of many thingz in me werld, King protectors an notifiers, i don’t need a doorbell, my dogs are my doorbell, an also, they get all da gewd stuff, an get to pre-clean all the dishes before they go into dishwasher ..sum say yuk, but my dogs get to eat the steak i dropped on the floor an they think its perty kewl πŸ™‚ yes indeed …so lotsa food accidents got to happen round here to keep da aminalz happy πŸ™‚ yep yep πŸ™‚ .

  2. When I had cats they were my babies and I could swear they knew what I was saying. They were true companions. I really do miss having a cat now. We do have horrible cases of animal abuse here in New Zealand and it is time that we recognise that these beautiful creatures have feelings too and need to be protected as such.

    • yeah huh a post very much pointed in ur direction…am glad to see a country like new zealand, ur place an home, setting an example for the rest of the werld πŸ™‚ …..

  3. We brought a Michigan cat back to South Dakota once. The cat belonged to my sister-in -law, her daughter spoiled him rotten, he was way overweight, weighed 34 pounds once. I put him on a diet, got him down to 26 pounds. His name was Wide Load. But that’s not the story, our niece was dying of kidney failure in Michigan. Wide Load was moping around our house a thousand miles away. I know that cat wasn’t talking to her on the telephone, he knew she was dying, he was mourning and hurting for her.

  4. This may just seem like semantics, but it’s huge, I think. I hope. My only beef (wait, is that PC now?) is that we keep saying animals are “almost like humans” in whatever new capacity we acknowledge. As though humans are the golden standard. And the sun revolves around the earth…

    • point is to me that humans should not be the golden standard…when it is proven that many mammals seem to be as smart as us, especially whales = porposes- dolphins, an quite a few big game species also…many have thought capacity to be coherent an stable in mans werld an we should honor that even if we don’t know how to talk thier language yet..we will sumday i i also believe i can communicate pert gewd with big mammals…they should be honored an cherished as life to me….was my point of this post-it hope u see what i mean take care an namaste 2 u an urs frum da Q aka mikey in pagosa – colorado…..

      • I was referring more to the article where someone says “β€œYou can see that they do have separation anxiety and that’s showing emotion. It’s almost a human emotion.”
        I was thinking of studies of killer whale brains, for example, that have shown they (killer whale brains) have better developed systems associated with processing social organization and empathy than do human brains. So to say that an animal emotion is “almost human,” could be a gross underestimation of the animal and/or a gross overestimation of human capacity.
        I didn’t intend any negative response to your post. Sorry for any confusion.

      • noooooooooo i agree wit ya ….awesome response πŸ™‚ was jest tryin to explain my thoughtz, urs are very kewl concernin this subjekt πŸ™‚

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