Happy July 2016 2 da’ Werld frum Quarksire

Hopin’ all that comes by Quarks Quarked werld has a great JUly 2016



A life where Independence freedom an security seem to be @ a meager choice an wish for so many, whom are trapped into a system, controlled by bureaucrats an Their money!

When the Firewerks to them jest remind them of War an explosions etc etc.


Where Independence an freedom is jest in da’ Eye of the Beholder…


some see it “firewerkz” as a sign Excitement an freedom!


some see it as a sign of war


july4th_by_quarksire11When there is no risk of Fire:

Pagosa Springs, Colorado

  Exhibits a pert gewd show fer all to watch on July 4th at sundown..

july4th_by_quarksire 03



july4thc_by_quarksire 005..


jest a few thoughtz fer da’ day frum da werld of Q

🙂 … 🙂

july4thc_by_quarksire 005will end this post-it with a shot from 2 years ago….. thought it was very apprapo!!…

may this be the month for things in ur life to grow;

an prosper in many wayz!


May ur life not implode!

but rather Explode

with unlimited possibilities

which spring forth frum ur mind .





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