Quarksire’s Tribute to Carl Haas an Paul Newman

In this short 2 min video it is a Tribute to Carl Haas – 2016..


Carl waz one of the most notable evr of drivers an team owners, with Newman/Hass racing…those whom follow motorsports, well, they don’;t need to be told the story of Carl Haas….this furst vid is a tribute vid recently done with some footage frum da’ past…..

The second video relating to Carl Haas is a fun watch… which chronicled the unlikely and amazing history of the Newman/Haas racing team. In this first installment of the three-part series, the protagonists recount their dubious beginnings and auspicious first victory with Andretti at the wheel. The features aired on CBS Sports. Personally interviewing Paul Newman and Mario Andretti will always be career moments.

A Doubtful Turn of the Wheel: Paul Newman, Mario Andretti, & Carl Haas

3 men with a passion for the sport of auto racing like none other…

Paul Newman with Jay Leno 08-04-2005 part 1/2

Paul Newman with Jay Leno 08-04-2005 part 2/2 watch jay an paul race round da’ studio on  little kart cars on stage at nbc 🙂 lol is great watch 🙂

an believe it er not when u buy paul newman products


sO WIT DA’ PASSING OF Paul Newman an now carl haas….2 great legends in motor racing an now i feel older …an older yet..

Ever since the movie “on any sunday”.

Greatest of admiration an thoughts go out to these 2 awesome souls an their families this day frum da’ werld of



Paul Newman’s last interview, with Renée Loux Inside Edition


If ur still interested watch this CBS Sunday Morning on the Death of Paul Newman: is an awesome life story really! da’ last half of part 2 freeses up but da audio is still there…i washed dishes an listened to it 🙂 take care all. Jest my day to remember i am getting old an these 2 guys were 2 of the best of the best! 🙂




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