WPC: Opposing Energies

………Da Weld of Opposing .Thoughtz – Ideas – morals – ethics – religions –

energy – positive an er verses negative, have both gewd an bad effects,
all depending upon how one chooses to interpret or lewk at it.whatevr it is.there is always an opposite, those that tend to go with the flow always tend to see the positive side of things even if things go bad, those are the ones that can laugh off breaking something one was trying not to break instead of getting mad at the sitch, those that like to see the brighter side of anything an everything are the ones that choose this brighter side of life the side of sunshine an love, then well there are the others whom are truly satisfied with being nocturnal, sleep through the hot days an then werk through the cool nights, also there are less people out an about so is a lot more fun going out at the opposing hours of everyone else a lot…i be coming home from a night out when they are jest heading off to werk, i be relaxin’ watchin a movie an gettin ready fer bed when they are jest gettin started at werk,, also well, when i arise an jest get going an get round to be out an about well, it is cool an i get a lot done when not always under the sun….
So Anyhow one could go on fer hours bout opposites an opposing ideas an alls,,,,all i can say to simplyfy things a lot is, Will it matter in 100 years? whatevr it is ur doing er thinking, er is it as futile as this spark of lightning caused by opposite charges hitting umongst one another, an fer a split second, becomes something totally different an then well, in a split of a second it is gone, well life is like that in the werld of opposites i believe, one minute it is there an another minute is is not, gone but indifferent to the original reality one has to wunder that if in the werld of opposites one, keeps bouncing round the universes with free choice as a sentient being but in holy spirit version? what bout opposites. then an opposing ideas an all, well i say if it won’t matter in 100 years then well, why do it? well whos to say it won’t matter in 100 years, what one thinks an does this fine day today, well, guess that all depends upon whom ya are in this werld of opposites..all i can say is i hope the good guys win! in the end! 🙂 OPPOSITES DO ATTRACT!


Case Closed over an out fer the night frum da’ Q………..

whom lives in the werld of highly charged opposites so often yes indeed


4 thoughts on “WPC: Opposing Energies

  1. Wing configurations can really be a problem sometimes. I remember a story about a passenger on a large commercial jet who looked out the window before takeoff and saw that the trailing edge flaps had not been extended for the takeoff and I don’t know if everybody knows it or not, a big jet cannot take off without its wing flaps extended and is more likely to crash when it runs out of runway than not. This has happened before. Yes, wing configurations in flight situations are very important indeed …. and as you have proven, so are visual inspections of the aircraft surfaces on a regular basis to check for fuselage cracks, lost rivets, etc., just as you have indicated here.

    Great blog, by the way! Absolutely great!

  2. It doesn’t Lightning around here too often and boy is it hard to photograph! It’s been cool and drizzly here so I still have a quilt and blanket on the bed! Not looking forward to next month or Sept. though……they usually are going to be a scorcher’s! Nights are a lot easier to do things and you see a lot of weird things you don’t see in the day…….lol….

    • Tip on lightning photography…spot the cloud where the lightning is coming frum frequently, set ur camera on the “B” setting i use old 35mm cameras, that keeps the lens open as long as ya hold down on the trigger, in total darkness with camera aimed at where lightning is about to happen : open the lens: jest sit there an keep it open till the cloud flashes lightning, then let it close! the lightning produces its own flash 🙂 hope that helps if ya evr want to shoot lightning 🙂 laterzzzzz 🙂 Q

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