Steppin Back in Time wit Johnny Carson

Johnny Carson with Joan Embery Highlights


Alien to some an to others it is part of the everlasting memory of the life they lived….

So, Keepin’ wit the theme dis week of humor an good health an happiness, an respect for humanity an all its wunderful creatures, this vid Takes me back to a time when the “outlewk” on life waz a lot simpler for many…I used to lewk forward to nights with Johnny! during the week…an some of the most fun nights wit johnny waz when Joan Embery frum da sandy eggo zoo would show up with her furry an not so furry friends….


So alien to may younger generation folks are the nights upon nights one spent with “JOHNNY!”..

“Steppin Back in time”

wit da’ Q….

Hopin it brings ya a laugh er 2 πŸ™‚



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