I’ve died twice an come back 2 tell bout it – an more frum Quarksire

Posted this cuz i had a conversation wit my mother last night bout these happenings in my life an were still on my mind. Feel free to comment, i’d love to hear what some of my serious readers think an er believe. So, A few unbelievables for those skeptics of mikeys life here! 4 i have somehow had the fortunate or unfortunate experience to have experienced these things i shall post about here!…”believe it er not”
ONLY FER DA SERIOUS READER AN FOLLOWER I GUESS OF DA” Q….Will try not to get to graphic fer ya..or make this too long or bore ya!.an well attempt to watch my grammer! lol…

…Once upon a tyme;around 3 am
I left my body: but;
I waz not alone;
i was suspended in air
while a nurse ran screaming for the
medics an staff to bring da KIT!
She had realized i was Flat Lined________________
watching frum above doctors came a scrambling
medics an nurses poured in all to help
Watched them break out the KIT…
The Defib machine…..
Watched them jolt this body on the table
which i then realized was me!!!!!
Think i didn’t believe er something…being in another state
shaking my senses it did, a feeling i cannot describe
I watched as They geared up an did it again, the defib jolt……
that was when i blacked out so to say…….
I aroze awake the next morning……
with 180 staples an stiches across my scalp an head…..
an a turbine i wore for weeks till it healed……lol.
Told the doctors what i saw an what happened in the operating room….
they claimed i was flatlined all that time…..
but my accounting of what happened correlated with what did!
they were amazed truly…..an prolly the only ones that truly believed in me
then an even to now bout this subjekt….


Well that fact is that was the second time in 2 years that they had to shock me back to life…the time before that I thought i was dreaming er something when it happened….Jolted out of my body by a barstool upside the head, I was again then dead…..for 12 minutes plus they say,,till the medics got there an fibbed me back with a couple of jolts then….The furst time that time was not so vivid of being out of my body with a memory….I didn’t hover above the scene etc etc…but was like i was simply gone on a voyage…hard to explain, but that was the first time i ever had the sensation that I DO NOT DIE……. for some this seems unbelievable…well, is what it is to me,

UFO Triangle Recorded Over Pagosa Springs, Colorado
Just as true as the night i saw an watched “alien” crafts of some kind fly all over my community here ….they did it for a couple of hours;;;;;;;;.any national news coverage.NOT!!!!! it was even captured on video an available to watch at you tube, but no one still believes……these lightballs came right ionto my front yard,,,became small an dense little rectangle things bout 4 er 5 ft apart flew round my place a bit …rose up outa the trees got bigger an turned bluish white an sped away at a very fast rate of speed..friends were calling me from town etc etc telling me what they were seeing also…some of the light balls would merge an change colors

Part 2 of 3 – Spectacular Light Ships (New Edition) Over Roof Tops Pagosa Springs CO June 17 2011

also..never seen anything like it….

Another night i was standing in the wilderness here doing what bears do best…taking a “P” in da woods…an i lewked up an silent a could be a big giant triangle black objekt,,,,twice the size of a b2 bomber flew over my head very slowly bout 300 feet above the ground er so, “NO SOUND AT ALL!” absolutely quite…but it was there, i was not imagining this it was jest what it was….a big giant triangle black objekt the size of a football field or more….what was it i don’t know..but i know what i saw!
Another believe it er not incident……I could write a book bout an jest might some day if i evr get “roundtuit” are the incidents where till death do us part kinna things take place.er not i assume…..I was only 22 years old at the time “the first time this happened” an well it was a terrible experience an morning for me….I had spent the evening before with my fiance helping her get home after a drug over dose…someone had spiked her cocaine with pcp….an she had a bad trip…got her home bout 2 am finally after a bad evening etc etc is a book in itself…at 7am i woke to VIVID REAL LIFE LIKE DREAM OF ME BEING WITH HER….in another spot on the planet, where we spent a lot of dream time..i remember the dream vividly still today!…i was shocked awake with fear that something was wrong at her place…across the desert from me…i was 10 miles away…i called out there no answer… so i drove out there to trade her truck for my motorcycle…on the way out there her fathers Cadillac passed me going th opposite direction going very fast,,, i thought it was jest pops heading to the store…when i got there i noticed the back door open…proceeded to walk in an without getting to graphic well found dad in the furst bedroom with his hand on the shotgun an laying dead….then walked into the living room to find my sharon..my fiance’ on the floor naked raped an dead..shot in the middle of the head with a 22…When i touched her to roll her over an cover her i t was at that moment i realized “WE ARE A HOLY SPIRIT” I WAS ZAPPED so to say….Believe it er not.besides being floored by the situation an disaster in my mind i was going through, i realized she jest entered me……she clamed my senses believe it er not an i got a grip an called the proper authorities…When the cops got there well, they arrested me, thinking i did it? an was making up a story…….i spent next 12 hours or so in interogation and they drove me to los angeles an gave me a lie detector test..during which time they spotted the cadillac of the fathers hundreds of miles away, an the guy had killed some people in a campground..so they took me back to the ranch…all the while i kept hearing this voice tell me I told u it would be okay mikey??.all the time this happened an for the next few months there was another “VOICE” in my body an head .use to get so bad i would have virtual arguments an conversations with this spirit…an i was always “wrong” or being corrected?..was about 3 months at the ranch taking care of it alone after her death, til i got her to get out of ME!!!! BELIEVE IT ER NOT!!!! was crying one day an told her inside i could not handle this anymore no matter what our agreements were…an would she please find her way home to god…..instantly i felt in my chest a release…and physically saw a orange bluish bright light leave my chest an fly across the desert.i fell to the ground weeping!!!!!!! BUT SHE WAS GONE!!!!!! no one believed me bout this for years especially my furst wife after her…she resented that i had evr had a “CRAZY” experience like this…..
Well, time rolls forward an after being shocked back to life twice…guess i still didn’t believe in this holy spirit thing!!!!!!!That we are a spirit living inside this body of ours..another 2 be wife in 2001 an i had made agreements bout to death do us part also, an well, one night i rescued” her drunk frum our local bar an took her home…was a trying experience, she was like 3.0 on the alcohol scale…the police showed, helped get her into the house, which pissed her off…i let her be inside, she passed out on the bed, figured i’d go to my place an get some stuff an come back after she rested a few hours, was like 3 am…i went to my house, napped out a few, knowing she was ok on the bed at her house right? well, once again I had vivid dreams for which seemed like an eternity, i was with her an we were flying al over the werld in our dreams….When i woke because of my past 20 years before i rushed to her house when she did not anser the phone..i walked in to find a bottle of anti psychotic pills..her psyche had given here…all over the floor an her on the floor dead also, she had woke in the night drunk an took some 😦  I could tell she had been dead a couple of hours when i rolled her over, but guess what? same thing that happened 20 years before happened again…when i touched her an rolled her over i got ZAPPED.an felt like something new was in my chest!!besides pain an every other emotion i could have….i heard her yell at me even DON”t get mad mikey!..well i did ,,i busted up over it an even hurt my hand an all beating on her truck!!!!.Kinna hard to write this even, a few years ago, i wasn’t healed enuff to evr have wrote bout this….Anyhow…point here is that well, for about 3 months i was talked to yelled at an corr4eected by this “HOLY SPIRIT” inside me…i could not handle it anymore.i had an argument inside my head with this spirit one night, an the spirit told me i should go meet this person i was shown a pic of in “PERU” of all places….i drove frum where i was staying out to our land we had where her an i made our “to death will we part” agreements…an well grabbed a pic of her an threw it down on the coffee table an asked her to go home where she belonged an leave me alone i could not a handle it anymore….INSTANTLY.whaM..OUT OF MY CHEST.same thing….a whitish bluish light streamed out of me across my front yard an up the mountainside an into the sky! i felt relief.layed there an cried.went to peru 3 weeks later..an had the time of my life…an there also learned many things bout humankind an culture that changed & shocked me 4 evr……..In da museo de oro.museum of gold in peru..i get chills typing bout it here.was the coolest stufff…on the 4 level down..there were decomposed bodies in glass enclosures,,,that well, were 30,000 years old..but strange thing is the bodies, showed signs of operations, screws in legs skull plates made out of gold etc etc an bones repaired with gold screws…they even have all the medical instruments of the time used then also on display, much similar to ours today same tools….amazing…there was one body in particular which dated itself there ..it had both copper an gold all through out for various repairs…the lady giving the presentation, said this man obviously lived through the age where they found copper to be bad in the body an changed over to gold, an that it was most likely all hios copper repairs an plates that killed him.amazing stuff…an got lotsa lessons whilst in Peru bout the UFO CULTURE THERE AN what they say the UFO’s created thousands of years ago..so was a believe it er not trip…an ever since i have had different perceptions bout my life an the life of humankind also…..

SO, longer story made short here…….The point of this post-it is to inform my readers of how my mind werks to a certain extent…an also to let anyone that reads me know well, WE DO NOT DIE!!!WE JEST CHANGE OUR ADDRESS IN THE UNIVERSE!! THAT IS ONCE WE CHOOSE TO LEAVE THIS REALM….
sINCE THEN I HAD MY SHAMAN FRIEND CROW DIE ON ME .I RETRIEVED HIS BODY FRUM HIS ROOM, OPENED HIS HOUSE AN FURST TO TOUCH HIM AN ROLL HIM OVER ALSO.after he a was dead fer  a day plus! AN GUESS WHAT!?? WELL, IS ANOTHER STORY COMPLETELY DIFFERENT BUT VERY SIMILAR…I could write a book bout the next 3 months after he died also, till he left LOL>..all the nights he gave me massages etc etc.believe it er not!!!!!!!!He taught me more than any master ever did or ever will prolly i believe…AN ALL THE BEFORE EVENTS HAD TO HAPPEN TO BRING ME TO THE NOW!!!!!!I DO NOT PRESUME TO KNOW IT ALL BY ANY MEANS.I ONLY KNOW WHAT I HAVE EXPERIENCED….But as crow my healer shaman friend once told me…….Its very subtle, mikey but right here, this Quantum Human energy field…frum da’ subspace….!!!!!..Can see it feel it sense it smell it even in a way when u get SENSUAL!” ENUFF!..
He used to say
PAY ATTENTION…….to the NOTHINGNESS.then u shall hear it all!






“NO FEAR!”oh an stop drinking if u do! simple as that!

Thata way ya can


10 thoughts on “I’ve died twice an come back 2 tell bout it – an more frum Quarksire

    • welcome mag, a couple of my close friends already commented “negatively” bout this post ….they missed my point …now i’m somethin they didn’t think before..what a trip…….an sorry but wasn’t going to allow comments here negative bout it…so instead i get bout 40 negative texts…> sumtimes i jest do not understand many people…..Take Care ..Q

  1. Wow Mike! I’ve heard of people being “Sensitive To Spirits” and you might be one, but I don’t know much on the subject….such PST in your life…amazing your still here! I myself don’t believe in god, but I do believe in a higher power, maybe alien or not..don’t know, So many questions out there…consider yourself blessed my friend! Take Care, T.

    • yes indeed……..I believe all the answers will come in due time as i am shown…wunderin what y amean by pst? @ least i am aware! i am ME! whatevr dat truly is…an have a memory that goes back to bein a baby…an yep sure would truly like to know where little me fits into da pic an if there truly is a before an or an after….or is it all temporal? like so many do say…i personally hope it is not temporal! cuz well i like my memories! an truly like seeing things the way they are an wash away the dissillusionist game being played against so many people today…ah but if they only had a clue lol.oh pst thats different lol..thought ya were talkin’ pacific standard time lol…no i talkin bout days of future past if there is such a thing 🙂 cheers fer now thanQ fer poppin by my werld 🙂

      • pacific standard time! lol…sorry brains tired tonight, not thinking straight! I believe in the ever after, even if it’s reincarnation, everyone was someone before! or Ghosts and Spirits ( I’m coming back to haunt people ) !! lol… I had a school aged friend who could get into your head at night while you were sleeping and read your dreams…I saw him one day( he lived down the road from me) and he told me scene by scene what I had dreampt about and no one knew the people I had dreampt about except me…it was so spooky and so exact.. he described things to a T., he also had a friend he’d telepathically talked to every night..I believe that, but poor guy had so much going on in his head he couldn’t handle it and jumped out in front of a Semi Truck & trailer…he didn’t make it…I never found out he was dead until about 2yrs later, boy did it upset me…..Life throws ya curve balls and you have to learn how to catch them that’s for sure!! Nite Mike! T

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