Narrow Gauge Railroad Ryde

~~Narrow is werd of da’ week @ werdpress werldwide weekly foto challenge..



*** don’t be Narrow Minded if’n ya come to colorado, another recreational” activity besides smokin pot is ****

*Riding on a narrow gauge railroad; dat truly is a blast, a unique experience ya can take here in the Colorado rocky mountains year-round, ya step back in time frum the time in the am when ya step onto the train, it’s loud Steam Whistle can be heard for miles, an the train if u are on the ground when it comes by can be felt on the ground for miles also, an yes u can hear the train coming if ya put ur ear on the track frum many miles away, is a trip! 🙂  an all..there are 2 trains here in our area that are “NARROW GAUGE” they were called, an steam powered,,,they bop along bout 35 – 60 mph on ur trip frum Durango to Silverton or the other train in Chama…I have yet to be on that train yet, have ridin on this train a few times now at various times of the year, an adventure i would highly recommend if ya visit the 4 corners area of Colorado Sumday…

Take care an have a splendid week Werld frum da’ Q

will have to do a post-it sumday when i come across my 35mm stuff datz gots a couple of rolls i have taken on dis’ Ol’ train




From spaghetti to the quiet alley behind your house, this week show us something narrow.


6 thoughts on “Narrow Gauge Railroad Ryde

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  3. Tempted to read your blog by the name in the title, Ryde, which is a town near me on the Isle of Wight in the UK. “Ticket to Ryde”,remember the Beatles song? That’s it. Enjoyed your blog, would love a trip on that train!

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