Prompted to Post About Koko cuz i Remember! an love bears an gorillas!


I was prompted to post this today! A Conversation With Koko The Gorilla: Full DocumentarY; all because i saw another post-it with this photo below an i was very disturbed. was sad to see that….

Life is life to me an sentient beings are sentient beings to me also . so WTF? good they caught the guys but bad it has to happen; insane really!??


Russian customs seize 500+ bear paws heading to Chinese black market

Preview Customs officers carrying out an anti-smuggling operation in Russia’s Far East came across a grisly discovery – 525 bear paws headed for China.
Read Full Article at

Vía RT News

jest seeing that pic without ever even readin da’ story was enuff for me to want to share Koko’s story, cuz well i love bears an gorillas also…. i am old enuff to remember when Koko was born, an have followed her life evr since. Was in high skewl then….an have followed a few bears lives also! this is a very kewl video doc concerning Koko, so if ya don’t know whom she is, watch this vid an meet Koko…..she is 45+ years old these knows more sign language than i do! .

An Incredible an wunderful  Conversation With Koko The Gorilla: Full Documentary

🙂 bonus fer da day if ya nevr saw this…

Koko the Gorilla meets Robin Williams

an i guess if u watched both those vids ur going to tell me that animals don’t have feelins..well my dogs are wunderin lol ?

Koko the Gorilla Mourns Her Friend, Robin Williams



8 thoughts on “Prompted to Post About Koko cuz i Remember! an love bears an gorillas!

  1. I just watched the shorter, Robin Williams video, will have to come back to the other one later. But that really is an amazing video. Such a pity to keep these sentient animals caged! I recently saw Orangutans in a zoo and it was like watching people, they looked depressed to be stuck there 😦

  2. Dear Q,
    I am an ardent veggie since teenage years. Let’s just say over 25 years. I know animals have feelings. I have had pet cats, dogs, a chicken.a turkey, hamsters, and on. 1 after 1, man is destroying all of our beautiful creatures. Paws, tusks, horns bladders, etc. are just the morning of “The Eve Of Destruction”. We are destroying their environments and thereby causing more suffering. They are not vegetables. All animals have feelings, and I love them! Interesting thought I just had…I love all animals, but I don’t love all mankind! ♥

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