Framing up Da’situation B4 Flying wit Q

Frame up da’ situation before ya go jump off a cliff!



Frame is da’ werd of da week @ werdpress photo challenge.


So before one goes an jumps off a cliff one has to check out the airframe in Q’s werld. it b called pre-flight…an also get in the correct “Frame of MIND”


Got to square it all up; top to bottom ..even in a triangle werld….

Square er not.


gettin it all squared up before take off

In q’s werld… still has to frame up the situation!


Even if U are 81 years old!

before they take to the air..


.an even after they land!




so yes a framed up shot once one got it all framed up LOL frum up there πŸ™‚

πŸ™‚ This week πŸ™‚

Nancy says I’d love for you to look at things a bit differently. Whether it’s through an actual picture frame, a few stalks of grass, or even the spokes of a bicycle tire, find an alternative frame to the world around you and share what you see!


Use your surroundings to capture a different point of view.


When da’Sun Rises

thinking?….one has to think bout things ever so often lol…an well as the sun rises early sumtimes one has to figure out what path they are going to ttake fer da’ day? here ya go!!

when ya gotta jump ya gotta jump!!

Β Camp4BeatDown2 path i guess..

especially if’n ya live on the edge like i do Lol

.Q says Jump.

!or go back 2 bed!’s jest a quantum thing ya know! ..

.jumpin’ dat is.

…pic of the week…


frum da’ land of



Brought 2 u by da’ Quantum Quarked one Q

James May’s Big Ideas 1of3 Come Fly with Me

James May’s Big Ideas 1of3 Come Fly with Me-jest a simply fun vid to watch if ya never saw it πŸ™‚ although he don’t mention the stuff i’ve shown in my flying cars catagory…paragliders, hoverbikes,hoverboardsΒ  an all…etc etc…

James May’s Big Ideas 2of3 Man Machine- dis one he coers exoskeleton ya can wear is wild πŸ™‚

Sureal indeed-did this ufo jest drop off a light being? or a time traveler? see4Urself

Q here Recieved this letter an Footage of a UFO Landing in a Desert possibly dropping off a passenger? a fellow lightarian? so to speak>? I did some research an this footage is a couple of years old.was filmed by 2 different cameras with the same result!.but jest now getting seen. well, maybe u have met one of these guys already an u jest don’t know it ?are they all over the werld? well u tell me?

lol…Black suits an 3d generated facial masks do come in handy in da’ end afterall huh…lol…watch an tell me what u think!


L’ Ufo Γ¨ atterrato nel deserto: in Arabia Saudita, spettacolari immagini video !
Le immagini sono state trasmesse dal piΓΉ grande giornale della Turchia !
L’Arabia Saudita avrebbe preso queste immagini sono immagini piΓΉ seguite. La presunta immagine di un oggetto che scende la dove il presunto UFO in una persona e sembra prendere di nuovo alla nave.


well have u ever heard of a walk in lol..lightshapeshifter? alien to maybe u an me?

here would be a place where u could use that analogy if i would have anything to say bout it..or do they call that the dropping off point..before they go find prey to walk into lol….an almost dead george bushsy er clinton er whatnot ? lol…ya in a werld where ya never know who is who.I could write a great fantasy book all round that as bein the subjekt..auctually in my 2 kewl fer skewl …not yet part of the catagorically speakin werld of Q where speeling’ ain’t purfeKt an aint aint no werd either…but well most of the idea are close lol

πŸ™‚ Β  πŸ™‚

i’ll jest stay at home an see see what kinna conversations we can have next time they pop around believe me they know our territory well.I would welcome one of these guys anytime to come have a friendly conversation with me…i have already seen em on the fly bys many times…an more than one variety also..yes believe it er not…frum q once again πŸ™‚Β  done a post it here a while back bout the “spectacular lights over pagosa”…can be found on u tube also an wellΒ  lol.. u tell me folks….If one of these guys comes knockin @ ur door will u let him in? an jest how far will u let him in lol? a have had em in my yard on on occasion an a few fly over an arounds is a trip..seeing em…also out of the corner of my eye flying my ultralight a couple of times i have seen these things flash by in the brdaytime is a trip….i think they saw me i say hehe? wow…..this one is for u that follow the “believe it er not” thread πŸ™‚ lol…believe it er not πŸ™‚ ..believe it er not


The Pretty Reckless – Take me down

Heaven Knows i am perty reckless; but i didn’t crash jest one more day!

since crashing is not an option!

Down by da’ Piedra River here!


Sittin by da piedra river, 4 corners colorado

yeas…Jest Thinkin More Bout ETERNITY!!

an listenin to her song!…


This is a lyric video for the song Take Me Down by The Pretty Reckless.
Katie the poster sayz: Sorry if some parts of the lyric is wrong. Thanks for watching! well…no ones purfeKt right! an well i didn’t catch any fish but it was a fun ryde! an nice day anyhew!

NOw thunderstorms again to clear later hopefully so the river can flow flow an flow!


Hope everyone in Da’ Q werld is doing okay this fine day…

here well, jest another lone day in paradise!


down da’ river da’ water flows! bound 4 californi-eh!


a few vids by

The Pretty Reckless 4 da’ day




πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

πŸ™‚ ! πŸ™‚

πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

The Pretty Reckless – Heaven Knows


πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚


When i found her i realized {SHE} was jest like a diamond in the rough…..


…………It’s a Beautiful Day!………..

an last night waz Twas a night to make tuna cassarole an reflect a read a lot ….I know it twas askin a lot of myself but while thinkin? lol…..but if i could get a lot of my thoughts out about life i wanted to Sum up Life seen by Q 2 day! it would prolly go down a bit like this…….Be thinkin 2 much this eve ..oh please let me loose frum da’ thinkin disease if it is stinkin thinkin..if not allow the thinkin to thinketh myself to death or sleep so to speak! cuz i jest can’t seem to sleep!Β  lol…jest a few thoughts frum the other side of the mind of Q πŸ™‚ whoohoo! lol……

FRUM DIAMONDS 2 DUST A LIFE GRINDS ON! With Multi Faceted Heu-men BeIngs an Wooomen! lol…….

well, in all relationship to time an matter of essence an what is important in ones life there are quite a few important points that one might wish to keep in mind before they take their big leap every day an get on with it so to a new day a new way er whatevr it might be….
If they are readin’ this well, they are either in search of ? or simply bored or want a gewd laugh er possibly think that there might be some good in reading wtf Q has to say today. there are many different more reasons than i can declare in jest writing this simple piece…called a Blog er whatknot!
Although {SHE} claims i might be into crystals an whatnot, well {SHE} is partly correct..fact is well, not on a material level as much as the crystals ya can pick up an hold onto – but on a different level i am….I am a CRYSTALLINE structure MYSELF..the way i see it in Q so are u also! i say! {SHE} once again a { PARAGON } for my heart mind an soul! yes indeed! well, there are many different forms of me’s an you’s > being heu-man people that well they are each an in themselves some kinna crystal in a way, deep deep inside. {“Believe it er not”} well is the way i like to werk with crystals ya see..

IN THE HUMAN CONTEXT OF EACH AN EVERY HUMAN being a crystal , but of different form an nature inside in a way as long as they are human…I lewk for the DIAMOND like CRYSTALLINE humans to connect with,,they seem to be more sensitive to light an all the other variables in multi-faceted people are way more fun to deal with ultimately in my perspective!.
so, once i figured out i was an Arcturian of 6th dimensional consciousness; well; then at that point in time i could see an reflect the real CRYSTAL SACRED GEOMETRY each an every soul person possesses, if i shift an lewk or {SEE} clearly enuff to see through the human veil an see into the spirit.
Jest how to manifest the forces an visions at werk in this realm is like living in a continual acid trip to me, an for some they can’t handle it…so they jest revert back to unseeing< an being normal, an in fear of that which they do not know…but once u are awakened frum that false image, then u have the ability to make the desires u wished for all ur life to come forward with ease! once, seen this shape an form within all, then one can better have the creative ability to interact er not with that form,,an or take more concrete factual concepts for the future an run with them in steadfast form!…
Thata way u can make the desires of ur soul the manifestation of ur own personal reality an not jest a wish or a dream! πŸ™‚ never to be really experienced…
When we can see an visualize this formation within people an all things of energy our discernment jest keeps getting better an better as long as we do not let the ego get in the way an disturb the {NEW WAY] ya can see things when u can de-focus an see the angelic being in others…or see the color an intensities etc etc,,,an or tell the difference if they are like obsidian or of a ruby or a diamond etc etc..there are many different variables…

still i seek the diamonds in my life πŸ™‚
anyhow, when we can see this, well we have to re-pattern our beliefs a lot an thinking a lot to accommodate this new way of being able to see 5th dimensionally an higher!

PointΒ of the Day!
Finding the soul purpose in life is a quest many people are on…some will find this spot in life an others well, jest exist in that eternal form of judgement they call evil which is simply the opposite of live< an anyhow,,,each person comes truly to life i believe with some person they wish to fullfill! seeking that inner knowledge of what thier life course is , then for many is a daily job er duty to the soul so to speak! in all actuality the soul purpose is always becoming brighter an brighter each day one lives an arises to a new day to experience what they wish for the life of their choice!..see what i am saying yet..well, if u don’t keep readin’ u might get the drift of what i mean by the end of this long drawn out article, but i can seem to make the points in my life any more simpler than this one..although there are several points to deal with it always comes back down to the one main point! about always attempting to stay in the now once u are where ya want to be, an try not to fall backwards at any given time to that which is of the “BAD’ past..take the good an leave the rest behind.grow with the good!
Find out how to integrate this feeling into daily soul purpose life once ya fiqure out what ur soul purpose is…once ur higher power tells u this u will know the way i see it!
To truly integrate in a werld of many bi- an tri-polarities..well is very hard for the brilliant diamond like mind!….in this world they are able to see the many forces of the integration of the positives an also the very opposites be able to discern an to reveal the right light is sumtimes hard when lewking at another in this new way of seeing, but if it does truly reveal the darkness instead of the light well, might be an instep for a change for the future…sumtimes to see the light of the world one has to have lived in the darkness for a time so they learn what it is they DO NOT WANT OUT OF LIFE…then they are able to seek the lighter side of truth an honor an integrity found in the diamond like souls they encounter, no matter how much darkness has been forced again them….STILL WIT ME? well read on!
Once u can gaze into the central swirl of the bio energetic light of another , no matter how dark it is , one starts too see what i call, inner knowing! once u can see this inner knowing ur soul can be open to make better judgement calls bout the future an ur very own truth inside u ….it will open new doors of sensibility as never seen if one is to clearly see what is or not in the other structure or human they are observing….all the new answers can an will be found in this new point of perception that one finds when they a can see the auras of others an the complex waves produced….all the exterior thoughts then can disappear an the truth of the matter revealed, is what once chooses to do at that point an how one reacts is what is important! It’s all bout INTENTION then!
Well, having wished these abilities upon my self then comes the problem an situation of interdimensional travel,,,an not always staying in the 3d body! lol. ..when a person reaches beyond the perceived restrictions of the time space/ program they are in,,then world beyond worlds can be experienced an seen for future an everyday events! depending upon the state of consciousness to which the viewer has obtained is sumtimes the measure of success obtained also….once activated though is like a disease for many an not being able to discern the information correctly is what paradoxes the problem!
So becoming in alignment an harmony with mother earth is very important at this stage to me….one has to be able to find their senses of unity an also dis-harmony, an un unity the observations i have mentioned above..then it is time for transformation,,back to being the clearest diamond ones mind can be,,which is very hard for the cluttered life an mind such as mine lol.anyhow. ya find this spot in the mind through absolute forgiveness,,an knowing that u have an inter-connectivity to this new awakening in ur soul an ur are not diseased,,,jest very very aware!…this divine awakening an transformations that can happen then are incredible…one can sense they are truly telepathic in nature! …if they focus an keep up with their stamina of spirit! an holiness that is inside belief they are truly not crazy!
once a person activates this sense an sight well, frum that point on when the veil of life has been lifted off their soul they can see through it an know all will be okay…..once the dna is activated thata way well, they will be able to in a sense go through different time space continuums an space portals in mind “believe it er not”…but in a sense they will sense an know an be able to live in peace an harmony with the knowledge that they have tranquility an peace of soul deep down no matter what attacks them or affect s them they can now find that spot of they seek…..LOVE….
Jest as meditation an or relaxin’ is important in any situation now given to discern the proper way to perceive a particular situation is what is at hand this juncture in time when one learns they can themselves SEE! the reality of the crystalline structures within all life itself..sentient an also plantlife as long as it is breathing it is life!
Telekenesis is a life force of of the 4th an 5th dimensions an the mental mastery of such is a many years long process for most people…in my werld a realization a day keeps the doctor away lol….. the psyche that is lol…..once one finds this bliss of feeling that is overwhelming in the soul to the human spirit well, they can be attuned to life as it was meant to love with love an loving life the way i see it..even the part of life they hated cuz it taught them what is now an what they want for the NOW!…It is a mental mastery that takes years cuz sumtimes it takes years to wash away all the karmetic realities that have been handed to us frum our past to hold in our minds.for me the trick was to get all that shit outa the mind an move on. how could i do that well, i had to forgive it an ask every day to forgive myself an it for being the way it was till it disappeared…this note here or blog is typed off the to say frum thoughts that come flowing across like well, coffee spilling offfa my well i try to keep it clean but every now an again one has to spill the coffee.its how ya clean it up an what ya do bout it an how ya react to it that matters in my werld now that i have this way of lewking at things jest a bit differently!…many of the werds i have used in this post i could do a complete post about jest one of them!…so complicated as it sounds.release it all.forgive all the bs. move on move forward an don;t let yesterday or the past get ya down anymore..the big question is ? will it matter in 100?years? an well…if not……jest DO IT! an do it the best way one can..whether ya can see interdimensionally er not..truth is ur inner being can see it! . U jest don’t know it yet .an yes u can re write certain partsd of ur movie an ur reality an the part or many parts u wish to play within the spectrum of the PLAY!.so PLAY HAPPY AN BE HAPPY ..

AN IF NOT FAKE IT TILL YA MAKE IT SO YA CAN SEE IT WASn’t werth ever being sad over.well, unless it truly was…if ya kept up with me on this one till now then u know what i mean if not well till next time..we try try again an there anyone out there? is there anyone that is truly listenin? hmmmmmmm? say da’ inquirin mind…… πŸ™‚ peace-out 4 now frum da””quantum guy u might call Q πŸ™‚ ……… whooooooooooooo hoooooo
furthermore: Quantum mechanics has questioned what we perceive to be the β€˜material’ foundations of the world by showing that subatomic particles and atoms are not really solid objects, and has brought human consciousness into the equation.

frum Q 2 U
I regard consciousness as fundamental. I regard matter as derivative from consciousness. We cannot get behind consciousness. Everything that we talk about, everything that we regard as existing, postulates consciousness.” – Max Planck, theoretical physicist who originated quantum theory, which won him the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1918