Morning time frum Pagosa Springs, Colorado


august 2016 echo lake 7am


~ SO….when i see da’ sun come up i am usually up all night…then after sun-up i go to bed till lunchtime er so…is my routine.


Over Echo Lake in july 9am

I am only up early in da’ am to go flying or to go fishin’ or watch the others fly an play…..


8am in may

i am a nocturnal soul morning to me is frum 12 midnight till the sun comes up.Morning in pagosa is kewl,


Before the storm @ 8am

mikey an his friends are always floating when i see da’ sun come up i am ussually up all night


…then after sun-up i go to bed till lunchtime er so…is my routine…i am a nocturnal soul as i said; morning to me is frum 12 midnight till the sun comes up.

morning in pagosa is kewl,


mikey an his friends are always floating around on gewd morning jest after the sun comes permitting.that is..sumtimes i go soaqk at the hot springs in da morn also


..So, jest a few pagosa early mornin pics.when the animals are out to play the morning away also..


.^bear an her cubs @ 8 am..


have a splendid week a gewd morning to u…


August 2016 Echo Lake: Pagosa Springs, Colorado @ 7 am

Its morning sumwhere! no matter what time of the day it is here


What does your morning look like?



26 thoughts on “Morning time frum Pagosa Springs, Colorado

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  2. Love the reflection of the clouds on the lake. Great shot. The wildlife is amazing. Were you close to those bears? We see a lot of deer but the only time I have seen a bear was in the 60s up in the Adirondack Mountains before people started building McMansion ‘camps’. More like luxury three story forest killers. The balloons were very colorful and fun looking. Did you catch a ride?

    • those 3 bear mom an her cubs come thru here bout 2 am evry night an rous my dogs, i can hear all the dogs round the neighborhood get rousted also as she stolls round my neighborhood, all houses here are acres away frum one another… an answerin da baloon question, i can go flot on em when i want, but do not really like ballooning, i’ll leave that to mikey an his wife, i fly my ultralight trike round though an take pics of the balloons frum da air, i prefer flying” to floating an baing at the mercy of the winds…so i jest take pics of them now…i also think my flying is safer, cuz i am in control of my hangglider wing in my hands, balloons ya only have an up an down other than that it is the winds…whoooshhhh ain’t for me lol…..i hit a deer on my motorcycle last week, 4 jumped right out in frt of me, didn’t get hurt but gave nme a scare, have to dodge wildlife round here, a couple of years back i totalled a subaru hitting a bear at 50 miles an hour an it walked away frum me, jest with a bare ass, they call hiom bear ass bear now since he slid on ground an tore all fur off his arse lol. anyhow thanks for commenting πŸ™‚ take care Q

      • My family in Conifer often had problems with bears. Their neighbor’s up the mountain lost a couple of freezers to marauding bears..they are so strong.

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