Lost an Found ThoughtZ frum da’ deep within Q’s Hardrive!

….Reflections! Yes Indeed!…

frum loan duck publishin lol…


August 2016 echo lake @ 7 am Pagosa Springs, Colorado

Found dis’ one deep inside da’ hard drive ..lol…got a laugh er 2 when i read it waz upon reflection…..an so, thought u might also..it waz titled: 

FRum Start 2 End –

Once a rhyme upon a tyme.. by Q

Frum now till when rather than start 2 end


Problems within the field….

Problems with the Heart…

Problems frum the start

of every day upon awakenin’…

*an change of perception*

Again, situation s only

Dat need a solution!

No problem! Right?


wunderin what one has to gain

when daily they wake in pain!

when healing don’t even come when

standing out in the rain…

so, frequently now.

one can’t wash away the pain…


when knowing one is crumbling

an when knowing one is tumbling

down into the deep abyss…

one can fall while standing up straight

frum all the souls weight…..

     Life unscrolled is all one knows now!.

whence can be read the script an da’ play dat lay ahead


so whilst in ur bed in ur head

one sumtimes cumes up with

 the DEsign of another day

wit hopefully

no tears to be shed.. an

all old tears washed away

down the stream of consciousness!

to the end of time

to – once again

be captured by the open mind of another soul

as life goes on

soul to soul

know one really knows

but the director…

so internally say

U are da’ director of ur very own play;

where the whole werld is a play

an ur whatevr actor u choose to be:)

yes indeed once we do know

we do have a choice

Love er Fear? ur choice

whats it gonna be fer da new day

Love er Fear?

ye hear. ye hear? 🙂 🙂

Dat FreQuency…U know so dear!

Listen up…

It’s life Dat lies jest ahead

inside an out of ur head!


………….an in da’ end’ jest remember……….



Do U evr feel like a lone Duck! ? 🙂

Well on a serious note now…yes back to life..I do not want to bombard everyones mailboX wit stuff they aren’t interested in so….Stay Tuned !

My next post-it is all bout dat..Healing…most diseases…..rife an life…u shall see..cuz one has to be reminded of ….da’ freQuencies evr so often ya see….!

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