Rocky Mountain Highs Once again!

alien to some…..


an anoder note frum da possibly poetic side of da’ Q

in da broad daylight had a fight with da devil da devil won, then i said, leave me alone, in da broad daylight.

An I won da’ fight. we get deeper an life goes on, heaven is up there, it can be anywhere, deeper we go life goes on, the feeling strong, bring it on. Face me – embrace me in the skies of love, turn over a new leaf, bring it on! life goes on, getting strong, bring it on!

Embrace me find me before i HIT THE SUN!.

I am so forever skybound in love with u soaring forever i know though on does eventually have to hit the ground. No matter what do it softly!…so it don’t make a sound, momma earth is the hardest part bout being an angel, flyin’ round ….fly safe everyone and enjoy da’ vid how ever u fly…..from one of quarksire’s playlists on you tube.

an yeas – once again!

fly safe everyone… an remember

“crashin’ is not an option!

No matta how ya fly!



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