Why the Government Refuses to Turn Against Monsanto


7 thoughts on “Why the Government Refuses to Turn Against Monsanto

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    • thanQ…author says ya can post the whole article for ur readers also..so it gets more exposure..an ur readers do not have to click over, many of my own readers do not click over to re-blogs i have noticed, keep on keepin on frum Da’ Q aka mike in colorado 🙂

  2. This is so upsetting. I’ve been reading Jane Goodall’s book “Harvest for Hope: A Guide to Mindful Eating.” Though written in 2005, it already pointed toward the hazards of GMO, as well as unethical treatment of animals, and food production and harvesting processes that are decimating our planet. And it’s only gotten worse in the ensuing decade. The “hope” part is almost lost in the lack of control we have over companies like Monsanto and politicians that can be bought to ignore such atrocities. It’s so frustrating. Thanks for sharing this. I will likely be posting a response to Goodall’s book soon, and will link to this and the original.

    • when i was a kid an went to the dizzland monsanto rides an movie werld,,,i thought they were the greatest, boy did i get taught wrong as a child, now monsanto has bout killed me with all da chit..so figured i’d better let the younger generation know b-4 it kills them also..yeah agree a mess.to say the least frum the bottom of the food chain to the top :(. namaste’ 2 ya Jean take care.Q

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